Ending Poverty With Open Hardware

http://vinay.howtolivewiki.com/blog/hexayurt/ending-poverty-with-open-hardware-1362 This is the talk I delivered at Oekonux, an open source hardware type conference in Manchester this weekend.

Here is an MP3 audio version of the talk. Here are the slides. They ask the questions that the talk attempts to answer.

Here are the 10 questions we addressed.

  1. What is Poverty?

  2. How can Open Hardware help?


  4. Global Ecological and Macroeconomic Constraints

  5. Network Availability

  6. Documentation and Translation

  7. Eating our own dogfood

  8. Identifying the developer community

  9. Funding, funding, funding

  10. The shape of the future world

There were three bonus slides

A. Is there human dignity?

B. Barbarism, Stasis and Ultratechnology

C. Living in a six+ billion people world

I think you’ll really enjoy this talk.