MP3 Audio Recording of this Event - Intro and Keynote

Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the New America Foundation, and a member of President-Elect Barack Obama’s Transition Economic Advisory Board, addressed a packed auditorium at the Ronald Reagan Building on Tuesday, November 18th.

Schmidt provided insight into the junction of technology and government, stressing that solid infrastructure is the key to an efficient and effective government, and using the internet as the model for how government should approach the current fiscal crisis facing our nation and the world. He also pressed the need for open networks and systems as a foundation for innovation.

The Google CEO also emphasized that engagement is the fundamental component in finding solutions to our country’s current economic woes, and used President-elect Obama’s addresses on YouTube as an example of the way government should enlist modernization and embrace the voices of all as it contemplates solving the financial and social ills of our society.

Schmidt concluded that while there is no silver bullet, he remains optimistic in our country’s future and its prosperity.

Video of the event is available at right, while an MP3 recording can be downloaded below. For an archive of New America’s real-time updates from Schmidt’s speech, please see