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  2. Part-Time Podcasting for Profit ($1900 in Week 3?) - Side Hustle Nation

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  3. 5by5 | Back to Work #199: Merlin Mann’s Best of 2014

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  5. Technical Difficulties - 058 - Scanning

    Gabe and Erik explore their document scanning systems, from hardware, to software, to mobile workflows.

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  6. Technical Difficulties - 078 - The Pen is Mightier

    Gabe and Erik are joined by friend-of-the-show and new audio producer Bob VanderClay to discuss pens, paper, notebooks and why we can’t seem to transition to an all-digital workflow no matter how many notebooks we throw in the wood chipper.

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  7. Technical Difficulties - 077 - Learning Vim with Potatowire

    Potatowire finally leaves the crib, joining Gabe and Erik to discuss command-line text editing with vim. We learn how he started, why he uses a forty-year old text editor, and some cool things you can do when your hands never have to leave the keyboard.

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  8. Technical Difficulties - 079 - Exploring FastMail

    This week, we take a detailed look at why Gabe switched to and continues to use FastMail. We introduce the webapps, basic searching and filtering, and discuss some of the service’s lesser-known but still compelling features.

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  9. Random Trek | “Indiscretion” (DS9) with John Siracusa (Episode 17)

    John Siracusa, of ATP and Incomparable note, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Indiscretion (S4E5). Scott explains the deal with Deep Space Nine, John questions the central premise, and some parallels to Star Wars are identified.

    The end of this episode features a Random Trek theme song written and performed by listener Adam Sakellarides. Thanks, Adam!

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  10. A Cunning Plan

    Inventing the next twenty years, strategic foresight, fictional futurism and English rural magic: Warren Ellis attempts to convince you that they are all pretty much the same thing, and why it was very important that some people used to stalk around village hedgerows at night wearing iron goggles.

    Warren Ellis is a writer. He is not the violinist in the Bad Seeds.

    Some of the things he has written have pictures in them, like Transmetropolitan, Planetary, and The Authority. Some of the things he has written are constructed entirely from words, like Crooked Little Vein and the best-selling Gun Machine.

    Gun Machine is currently being developed for television. His book Red was adapted for the big screen in 2010. We shan’t hold it against him.

    You can find him on Twitter, on Tumblr, on This Is My Jam, and you used to be able to find him in Second Life, but most importantly, he has his own website because he’s down with the Indie Web.

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