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  1. Systematic - Special 2: The Original Trilogy of Merlin Mann

    In August 2012, Brett interviewed Merlin Mann on the now-legendary 6th episode of Systematic. Thus was a trilogy born. From processes to pills and apps to naps, one of Systematic's signature returning-guest series was born.

    Using the latest in bleeding-edge digital technology, we have restored these episodes to the original creative vision that was literally, figuratively, and metaphysically impossible at the time.

    We've gone all the way back to the original masters, removing and modifying content (ads) that distracts from the auteur's intent. What results is a bespoke, artisanally created Special Edition product unlike any in the crowded Merlin Mann Podcast market today.

    This presentation of The Original Trilogy of Merlin Mann includes bonus, never-before-heard, ultra-exclusive deleted content, presented in the most ridiculous and semi-obtrusive way possible that does not involve a Blu-ray player.

    Special Thanks to George Lucas, the Fair Use Clause, The United States of America, and The Merlin Mann Trust.

    Artwork Sacrilege performed by Philip Mozolak

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  2. POTUS on WTF

    Comedian Marc Maron is tackling the most complex philosophical question of our day - WTF? He'll get to the bottom of it with help from comedian friends, celebrity guests and the voices in his own head. You loved him on Morning Sedition. You kinda liked him on The Marc Maron Show. You tolerated him on Break Room Live. Now, embrace him on a show from which he cannot be fired - WTF with Marc Maron.

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  3. Get to Know Your Audience First, with Anthony Thomas & Everette Taylor of StickerMule - DailyHunt

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    #27 Today we have Anthony Thomas & Everette Taylor from StickerMule on the show. You’ll learn why building a service that simply makes people happy could be the biggest factor in your success. We also discuss the story of StickerMule and how simply engaging with an existing community can help you get that initial traction for your startup. Listen now, then subscribe to Learn & Launch to get our curated resources for startups.


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