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  1. Force Awakens: They’re Not Alone

    Our many-part analysis of “The Force Awakens” continues. In this episode we praise the casting of Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac, and ponder how the diversity of the “Star Wars” universe has increased. Plus, did Luke hide something in all the droids? Why does Finn hold a lightsaber like a baseball bat? Why would one of the Weasley brothers become a fascist? And ultimately, why is this film redemptive for the franchise as a whole?

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  2. Force Awakens: They Were Jerk Planets

    In this installment of our continuing coverage of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” our East Coast panel gushes a little, complains about Starkiller Base a little, ponders “The Force Awakens” as a buddy movie, copes with death, and tries to imagine what it will be like to get a new “Star Wars” movie every year. Also, Scott keeps bringing up “Star Trek.”

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  3. Force Awakens: Fake Jedi Boy

    Lots of people have opinions about “The Force Awakens,” and it’s sort of our charter to overdo it when it comes to “Star Wars.” So this week we’re presenting several follow-up panels about this new film. In this installment, we travel across the pond for a panel predominantly made up of residents of the UK. Why are there Scottish people in space? Who is the face of fresh young fascism? Where can we get red replacement arms?

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  4. Don’t Drink the Bacta Tea

    With “The Force Awakens” only a week away, we pause to ponder why we’ve anticipated this film release for more than three years. What spoilers have we avoided? (This episode certainly contains none.) What does it mean that “Star Wars” is now an extended film franchise releasing new films annually? How many times are we going to see the film next weekend, and how will we find time to podcast about it? And perhaps most importantly, can any new “Star Wars” movie ever possibly hope to capture the excitement we felt when we discovered these films as children?

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  5. Gravity Falls Podcast

    Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch here to tell us all about the secrets and mysteries of his hit TV series, including the episode he can't get approved, the celebrity cameo we will forever be denied, why we may never get a full season Gravity Falls DVD or Blu-ray release, the ice bag, Gompers, Slender Man and more. It's one of the best shows on TV, and it's come to one of the best podcasts on the internet (in our opinion, anyway). This is a hilarious episode full of news and revelations about Gravity Falls and impersonations of The Last Unicorn. Give it a listen and you will NOT be disappointed. WARNING: This podcast contains some NSFW language and spoilers for the TV series Gravity Falls, all of the Air Bud movies and The Last Unicorn. Oh yes, and there's nothing in the rulebook that says Waddles can't play volleyball. Find out why in The B-Movies Podcast: The Secrets of Gravity Falls with Alex Hirsch! Follow us on Twitter at @BMoviesPodcast, follow your host at @WilliamBibbiani, and follow Alex Hirsch at @_AlexHirsch. And most importantly, watch Gravity Falls on Disney XD, and subscribe to The B-Movies Podcast on iTunes for more exclusive news, reviews, interviews, commentary tracks and more!

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  6. Sneak Force

    The wave of fall TV premieres continues, as we go back over “Minority Report,” “Blindspot/Doodle Booty,” and “The Muppets” before moving on to preview “The Grinder,” “Grandfathered,” “Blood and Oil,” “Quantico,” “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” “Code Black,” “Dr. Ken,” and more. Plus, it’s our first birthday!

    “I am an awful person and a TV critic.”—Tim Goodman, chief TV critic, The Hollywood Reporter

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  7. Jason Missed This?

    Tim is joined by David Loehr on the sands of Waikiki—or somewhere—to talk about the first week of Colbert, the last week in Apple TV, the next week in upcoming shows, and the best new fall title that isn’t actually a show’s title.

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  8. Otters for the Win

    “Mr. Robot” takes a final bow as the show of the summer, Apple is rumored to be pondering its own Netflix-like TV service, PBS and the BBC take a chance on Monterey Bay, and Stephen Colbert prepares for his CBS premiere. Plus, Jason reads your letters and Tim answers them!

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