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  1. What’s It Like to See a Democracy Destroyed? - POLITICO Magazine

    Hannah Dreier spent years covering the implosion of Venezuela. Her takeaway is a sobering one: There’s no rule that says that a miserable situation has to end, just because it’s too miserable.

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  2. a16z Podcast: The Strategies and Tactics of Big

    What happens when companies grow exponentially in a short amount of time — to their organization, their product planning, their behavior towards change itself? In this "hallway conversation", a16z partners Steven Sinofsky and Benedict Evans discuss the business tactics and strategies behind four of the largest tech companies — Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon — and how they work from an org perspective. 

    From the outside, these giants can seem composed of disparate entities literally strewn around the globe; it can be hard (sometimes purposefully so) to understand or detect the strategy that knits them all together. But in fact each of these large companies have very specific approaches to organization and strategy, and what’s good for Google isn’t necessarily right for Amazon or Apple. Evans and Sinofsky discuss the rationale behind each company’s org, looking at the tactics and strategies that are best for the underlying platform, how each thinks of its varied product entities, and how their organizations are all designed differently around their core capabilities and products.

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