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  1. Colin Marshall talks to Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann is a writer, speaker, blogger, podcaster and student of the creative mind. He's the creator of 43Folders, a popular web site devoted to time, attention and creative work, as well as the man behind such varied projects as The Merlin Show, Kung Fu Grippe, 5ives, the 43Folders podcast, one-third of the crazy-successful comedy podcast You Look Nice Today, and lord knows what else. He's also currently working on his first book, Inbox Zero. Colin Marshall originally conducted this conversation on the public radio program and podcast The Marketplace of Ideas.


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  2. The Sporkful - Coffee

    Marc Maron from the podcast WTF guests to talk everything coffee, espresso, machiato, cappucino, and more, from Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts, from the merits of adding milk to his addiction to caffeine. We also briefly discuss the Jewish holiday of Purim and hamentashen cookies.

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  3. [Podcast] Episode #7: Ryan Singer on the 37signals design process

    "Ryan Singer, who manages 37signals’ products and leads the design team, talks about the company’s design process. He discusses how the design team works with each other and collaborates with programmers. He gives advice to other design/development teams on how to work together smoothly. …"

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