How to CX: Perrin Rowland, Journey Mapping 2.0 - stepping up your culture change game

We have all these customer journeys… now what? At first glance, customer journeys can be pretty simple - you make a whirling, flaming hooberschnoozle and the customer gives you all their money. However, it doesn’t take long for all of the details, dependencies, channels and sheer, bloody-minded humanity to twist it all up in complication and argument.

Journey mapping is an excellent tool and activity to ensure that the complexities are laid clear by visualising customer steps and interactions for insights and opportunities. But how can journeys also ensure that the logic of the customer, their context, and the conversation flow together - despite the size of you organisation or the number of your channels? Your journey map is more than a sense-making tool. It is also a tool that will help you design amazing customer, employee, and, well, human experiences and is potentially one of the best ways to heard your corporate cats into alignment around that experience. Join the CX Collective at Spark to find out how while gearing up your design A-game for customer experience design.

About Perrin Rowland, Domain Chapter Lead: User Experience

Perrin’s purpose is to be where the learning is, so she can make sure that everyone gets every scrap of aha and insight available. Due to this …

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