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Huffduffed (19)

  1. Episode 5 No Such Thing As A Kiss

    Episode 5: This week in the QI Office Dan Schreiber (@schreiberland), James Harkin (@eggshaped), Anna Ptaszynski (@qikipedia) and Andrew Hunter Murray (@andrewhunterm) discuss rats, popes, kissing and moving house.


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  2. Down and Nerdy episode 3: 2048 edition | JamesBickers.com

    In this week’s discussion, we obsess over the addictive math/puzzle game 2048 and its many variants. We’ve also got some movie and TV recommendations, a discussion about fan-fiction and the value of an original idea, apocalyptic movies and the saddest IMDB page ever.

    Things mentioned in this episode:


    2048, Doctor Who edition

    2048, Doge edition


    Kentucky School of Art

    Facebook drones

    The saddest IMDB page ever

    Listen below, or download the episode.

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