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  1. Coaching in Navy with Rod Robinson - Frazer Holmes CoachingFrazer Holmes Coaching

    Navy implemented leadership training and development by utilising coaching as a modality. Join Commander Rod Robinson as he takes us through how coaching has assisted the Royal Australian Navy develop better leaders.

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    Title: “Leadership Coaching in the Royal Australian Navy”

    Broadcast date: 23rd May, 2014

    Show notes (36:22 minutes)

    1. IECL

    2. John Raymond Episode 24 Coach Mentor Podcast

    3. Navy Coaching

    4. Rod’s website: LCAM

    5. Life Styles Inventory (LSI) tool and the Organisational Cultural Inventory (OCI) for the entire unit by human synergistics

    6. Ken Wilber’s integral model

    7. Rod’s definition of culture was: Culture = unwritten ground rule (UGR)

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  2. USNI Blog » Blog Archive » Sea Control 20 – McGrath on Maritime Strategy

    Matthew Hipple is a surface warfare officer and graduate of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. He is Director of the NEXTWAR blog and hosts of the Sea Control podcast. While his opinions may not reflect those of the United States Navy, Department of Defense, or US Government, he wishes they did. Did he mention he was host of the Sea Control podcast? You should start listening to that on Itunes, Xbox Music, or Stitcher Stream Radio.


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