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  1. 28. Cennydd Bowles - The Machine Ethics Podcast

    This month I'm joined by Cennydd Bowles who I've been meaning to get on the podcast for over a year. We talk about his book Future Ethics, collective action in the tech industry, ethical design sprints and crits, design fictions to bring ethical thinking to the general public (think Black mirror), the law of double affect, and the tech industry and climate change.

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  2. London IA Podcast with Cennydd Bowles

    In the latest London IA Podcast we host a wide-ranging conversation with Cennydd Bowles on moving from user experience design to digital product designer, what it takes to develop visual design skills, freelancing, A List Apart, writing a book, conference speaking and of course that legendary animal of European folklore.

    Hosted by Matthew Solle and Andrew Travers. Produced by Will Myddelton and Matthew Solle.

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  3. ‘Dicking around with an algorithm’ with Cennydd Bowles and Noah Stokes | Unfinished Business

    I’ve been looking forward to speaking with Cennydd Bowles for months and for Unfinished Business 113, Cennydd joins me and my other special guest, product designer Noah Stokes. We kick off by talking about Richard Rutter’s web typography book, but soon the conversation switches to whether, and why, current web designs are lacking ‘soul.’ This is something Noah and I have been speaking and writing over recent months and something that I partly blame on our fixation with user-experience and product design. Does Cennydd agree? You‘ll have to listen to the show to find out.

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  4. Cennydd Bowles at Mind the Product 2013

    In this excellent talk from Mind the Product 2013, Cennydd Bowles discusses this through three themes: - Diversity – the one word future for technology, because everything is diversifying from inputs to outputs and the context in which we use them. - Materials – expanding on just content with motion, sound, sensors and time. - Fluidity – all these changes and opportunities demand a new fluidity amongst those of us building new digital products – from tools to skills and processes.

    Cennydd is a Digital Product Designer at Twitter. Over the past decade – including a stint at acclaimed consultancy Clearleft – he has advised dozens of companies on the benefits of customer-focused design. Cennydd is also the co-author of Undercover User Experience Design and writes a monthly column for A List Apart.

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