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  1. Computer Science - successful language design

    Professor Brian Kernighan presents on ‘How to succeed in language design without really trying.’ Brian Kernighan is Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University and Honorary Professor in the School of Computer Science at The University of Nottingham.

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  2. Science Weekly podcast: What the brain can and can’t do; Are we reaching the end of discovery? | Science |

    Professor Barry Smith delves into the mysteries of the mind and looks at what goes into making a decision. Plus, Professor Russell Stannard argues that we are reaching the limits of what humans can understand

    Professor Barry Smith, director of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of London explores what happens inside our heads when we recognise a friend or reach for a cup of coffee.

    Professor Smith has just made a series of programmes for the BBC World Service called The Mysteries of the Brain, which starts today.

    So that’s what the brain can do. We also look at what it can’t do …

    We dial up Professor Russell Stannard, emeritus professor of physics at the Open University. He thinks humans are fast approaching the end of what it is possible for us to know and understand. Caspar Llewellyn-Smith asks him about some of the themes in his new book, The End of Discovery.

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  3. IOT: The Sun 10 Jul 14

    How was the Sun formed, and what do we know about its structure and the processes going on inside our nearest star? With Carolin Crawford, Gresham Professor of Astronomy and Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge; Yvonne Elsworth, Professor of Helioseismology at the University of Birmingham; and Louise Harra, Professor of Solar Physics at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory.

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  4. Science Weekly: Christmas lectures

    Alok Jha and James Randerson take the podcast to the Royal Institution in London to meet the man giving this year’s Christmas lectures, Professor Chris Bishop. The theme this year is making the ultimate computer.

    We also visit the Science Museum’s new exhibition on GM technology - Future Foods. Tim Lang, professor of food technology at London’s City University, tells us why the GM industry in the US is at risk

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  5. Political Science Professor Warns Of Dangers Of Polarized Politics : NPR

    As Senate Republicans and Democrats face off over the nomination of Neil Gorsuch, Jennifer McCoy, a political science professor warns of the dangers of polarized politics with NPR’s Kelly McEvers.

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  6. May 2009: ‘Tunnelling Underground’ | Royal Society

    The Inaugural Royal Society podcast. How do you make a tunnel in ground as soft as toothpaste? Professor Robert Mair FREng FRS who recently gave a lecture at the Society answers our questions on the modern complexities of tunnelling. This episode also features an interview with Professor Elaine Fox who discusses her paper on the genetic basis for looking on the bright side and 2007 Rosalind Franklin Award winner Professor Ottoline Leyser answers our question: Why Science?

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