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  1. the lively show: achieving full life integration with kristoffer carter (this epic life) - Jess Lively

    Though every episode of The Lively Show is awesome, if I could only ask you to listen to one episode… THIS ONE IS IT. I’m talking with Kristoffer Carter, a father of three, intense meditator, full-time employee, multi-instrumentalist, coach, partner with Jonathan Fields, and force behind This Epic Life. We talk about how he achieves …

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  2. [AUDIO] Conquer Anxiety - Emotional Clarity On the Go

    Dr. Douglas Tataryn combines guided meditation and his proven 6-Step Bio Emotive Process in this powerful tool that you can use anytime you’re feeling anxious, fearful, stressed, or overwhelmed.

    What can you expect?

    Separate yourself from what’s troubling you. Develop the ability to truly LET GO of your emotional causes for suffering in a lasting, healthy way.

    Visit for more information on Dr. Tataryn’s work.

    Check out for Cultivating Confidence - Emotional Clarity On the Go - the audio program that builds your momentum and confidence in the same powerful way.

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  3. 36: Mindful Writing with Donna Strickland -

    Donna Strickland knows firsthand how painful writing can be. When she started hating the book she was writing, she knew something had to change. That’s when she discovered the principles of mindful writing, a practice she teaches in classes and workshops across the US.

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  4. Tara Talks: Opening to Vulnerability

    Tara Talks: Opening to Vulnerability, with Tara Brach [2019-06-12]

    Our human conditioning is to avoid our own suffering. Yet, when we open to our own vulnerability, we discover a pathway to true healing. In this short teaching, Tara shares a moment of awakening in her own life, where choosing to stay with insecurity and fear led to deepening connection and love.

    To watch the full talk, go to:


    Tara Talks is a series of short offerings found within Tara’s dharma talks; short talks that bring the teachings to life and give profound insight on the path toward living from an awakened heart-mind.

    To see more Tara Talks, go to:

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    With thanks and love, Tara

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  5. Stacktrace Podcast 044: “Enjoyment is a kind of tech spec” with special guest Federico Viticci - 9to5Mac

    Special guest Federico Viticci joins John and Rambo to discuss the current state of the iPad, how it has evolved over the years and his impressions on iPadOS. We also discuss automation and how it relates to focus and productivity. Sponsored by Hyper: Get HyperCube to automatically backup photos & more to microSD or USB …

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  6. 12. Mindfulness at Work - Podcasts | Heroku

    Francis Lacoste, a Director of Engineering at Heroku, is a longtime meditation practicioner. In 2015, he attended public seminar on mindfulness by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, which was co-founded by a former Google engineer. The workshop emphasized mindfulness as a benefit to businesses by framing the mental health benefits as something that could improve worker productivity. Enlightened by this discovery, he worked to bring the lessons over to Heroku. Heroku’s remote culture introduced some challenges to the original structure of the program. Participants are connected through Zoom meetings, rather than being seated in a room together. As well, the workshop take place over the course of a week, rather than two very long days. Herokai have responded very positively to the lessons, and some have earnestly applied the practices at home and with their families. The actual practice itself is very secularized, even though it draws on Buddhist traditions. Francis Lacoste believes that culturally, we are not given the appropriate tooling to deal with conflicts and stress, and finds mindfulness to be a fantastic aid to those problems. Links from this episode Search Inside Yourself DIY Meditation Guide Social Meditation

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  7. Shi ne

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  8. Overview of the Four Naljors - Aro - Audio

    Aro gTer - Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and meditation

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  9. 4 naljors

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  10. Chaos Magic Group’s AMA with Alan Chapman - Introduction Conversation Audio : Alan Chapman and Tommie Kelly : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    A conversation between Alan Chapman and Tommie Kelly done as an introduction for the Facebook group CMG (Chaos Magic Group) Ask Me Anything with Alan on July…

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