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  1. Simple Made Easy - Talk by Rich Hickey

    We should aim for simplicity because simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability.

    Simple is often erroneously mistaken for easy. "Easy" means "to be at hand", "to be approachable". "Simple" is the opposite of "complex" which means "being intertwined", "being tied together". Simple != easy.

    What matters in software is: does the software do what is supposed to do? Is it of high quality? Can we rely on it? Can problems be fixed along the way? Can requirements change over time? The answers to these questions is what matters in writing software not the look and feel of the experience writing the code or the cultural implications of it. The benefits of simplicity are: ease of understanding, ease of change, ease of debugging, flexibility.

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  2. The Frontside 45: The New Theory of Teams with Sarah Mei

    In this episode, Sarah Mei, founder of RailsBridge, Director of Ruby Central, and Chief Consultant of DevMynd Software, talks about the way we write software: What’s right? What’s wrong? How can we do better?

    The conversation examines changing code and reassessing needs. i.e.: "Does it bring me joy? Should I get rid of this thing? Do I understand this code?" She also talks about what these needs mean for others on a team.

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  3. The Frontside 41: The Technical Skills of a Senior Dev

    Recently, there was a flurry of activity around one of Brandon's posts about defining the term "senior developer". But he left the purely technical aspects of the role for later discussion, which left a lot of lingering questions.

    In this episode, Charles and Brandon dive into the technical side of identifying, hiring, and growing senior developers, and explain The Frontside's somewhat unconventional standards.

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  4. Reconcilable Differences #24: I Will Outrun Death and Thermodynamics - Relay FM

    Things kick off with a discussion of Star Wars. In particular, there is extensive discussion of your hosts’ preferences regarding fan restorations of the original trilogy. Next, the spoiler horn fires off for a detailed examination of The Walking Dead.

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  5. The Incomparable | A History of Things That Never Happened (Episode 295)

    The first teaser trailer for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has dropped, and so in the spirit of our “Force Awakens” teaser breakdown, we’re back to provide frame-by-frame analysis of all 90 seconds. This is the first in a new series of “Star Wars” anthology movies, this one set before and around 1977’s original film. How do you make a period piece about a fictional period? What’s Felicity Jones’s character all about? Why does Forrest Whitaker have a Darth Vader breathing harmonica? And why does Jason refer to all droids like they’re vacuum cleaners? For some questions there are no good answers.

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