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  1. Sandi Metz, Author of POODR (with Special Guest TJ Stankus) - Rails with Jason Podcast - Code with Jason

    Sandi, TJ and I talk about OOP in Rails; Java and COBOL; service objects and Interactors; getting bitten by snapping turtles; and Sandi’s 11 bicycles.

    Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby

    99 Bottles of OOP

    Listen Now

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  2. Episode 108 | Avdi Grimm - Your Passion Is Yours and Yours Alone

    Avdi Grimm is a husband, father, and software creator living in Eastern Tennessee in the foothills of the Smokies.

    He’s a co-host of the Ruby Rogues podcast, author of Confident Ruby and a few books on Ruby development, and the head chef at Ruby Tapas.

    He’s a blogger, conference talker, and a consulting pair-programmer. (photo credit: Robert Potter -

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  3. 003 RR Templating Languages for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 47:40 — 65.5MB) Panelists: Charles Max Wood (@cmaxw) James Edward Gray II (@JEG2) Peter Cooper (@peterc) Wynn Netherland (@pengwynn) Tools and topics mentioned in this episode: HAML SASS CoffeeScript ERB FireSass tilt

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