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  1. 28: Be Healthy and Love Gatsby with Jason Lengstorf | React Podcast

    Jason Lengstorf is a developer advocate at Gatsby and productivity speaker/author. Chantastic asks about what the Gatsby team is up to, why Gatsby makes sense, and how their team is growing a vibrant JavaScript community. They talk about GraphQL, why there’s no site that couldn’t be static assets, connecting Gatsby to your existing API, and productivity tips for staying fresh and capable at work.

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  2. #131: The Road to Ember 2.0 with Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz - The Changelog

    Adam and Jerod talk with Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz about the road to Ember 2.0 and the complete front-end stack it is today.

    Download: MP3 Audio

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    DigitalOcean – Use the code mentioned on the show to get a $10 hosting credit

    Show notes:

    tomdale (Tom Dale)

    wycats (Yehuda Katz)

    Tilde Inc.

    Ember.js – A framework for creating ambitious web applications.

    The Road to Ember 2.0 RFC (by tomdale – emberjs/rfcs)

    The Post-1.0 Release Cycle


    Heroku Dashboard


    Matz – The Power and Philosophy of Ruby – OSCON 2003

    React – A Javascript Library for Building User Interfaces

    AngularJS – Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

    Yukihiro Matsumoto – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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