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  1. Episode 22: Mik Kersten + John Cutler

    Joining Mik on this episode of Mik + One is “sage and poet of product thinking” John Cutler, Head of Product Research & Education at Amplitude.

    In this episode, Mik and John discuss:

    • Defining what a product is
    • Rethinking how to apply product thinking to force multipliers and change steps
    • The “six sense” required to understand the challenges of software design and technology
    • What traditional enterprises can learn from startups and tech 2.0 companies
    • Mapping organisational structure to strategy to drive innovation
    • Embracing the interplay of skills and knowledge across the organization

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    For more information about John Cutler, visit:

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  2. Conversation with Bonnie Stufflebeam

    I talk with writer, poet, Nebula-finalist, and my new friend Bonnie Stufflebeam. (We’re totally friends now.) We discuss the literary scene in North Texas, humor in fiction, writing short stories, daily word output, MFA degree programs, and writing conferences. We do not discuss how to craft the perfect query letter.


    Website for Bonnie Stufflebeam:

    Read her short story "Entanglement" from Lightspeed:

    Evil in Technicolor:

    Bonnie on Twitter:

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  3. UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 191: From Information to Understanding with Stephen Anderson | UI Breakfast

    How can information be best learned, dissected, and communicated across teams, industries, and products? Our guest today is Stephen Anderson, the founder of the Mighty Minds Club and author of Figure It Out. You’ll hear Stephen’s thoughts on the nature of information, cognition and thinking, interaction design, the importance of team dialogue, his virtual club project, and much more. Download the MP3 audio file: right-click here and choose Save As. Podcast feed: subscribe to in your favorite podcast app, and follow us on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play Music. Show Notes Figure It Out — Stephen’s latest book Seductive […]

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  4. The Famous “Drop The Rock” Talk - 1976 |

    This dude was so authentic and approachable.

    Met him at Saturday Mornings Live From NIH…oooh, cool scene.

    You had us referred in from Suburban and the guests of NIH and all meet in the grand auditorium.


    Met Mike B. there.

    Trembled my way to Sandy to say how cool he was and he was just kind and gracious and like meeting Tom Petty and him being as nice and gentle, yet as funny, sharp and witty as you’d hoped.

    RIP and fly high Mr. Beach.



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