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  1. 4 Things to Do Everyday If You Want to Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy | James Altucher on Impact Theory

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    James Altucher is an entrepreneur, ranked Chess Master and the best selling author of 20 books. In this week’s episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, he talks about rebuilding his life after contemplating suicide and the techniques he used to come back after he lost all his money and struggled with personal relationships.


    James Altucher talks about how persistence helped him get his life back through the downturns of his life [4:06]

    His motivation behind writing about his life and getting raw and honest [7:15]

    Why his book Choose Yourself is great advice for anyone who wants to improve their life [9:07]

    How he deals with failure in any form [13:46]

    How he built back up after being so broken he couldn’t get off the floor with a simple daily practice [16:29]

    The 4 things he started doing to improve his life, and why you have to build up your idea muscle by writing down 10 ideas a day [17:50]

    Why you may need to start rebuilding your life with just one daily practice [23:37]

    The to-do list you should follow if you want to get into a great mindset [26:05]

    James Altucher’s thoughts on gratitude [28:36]

    The story of why he and his father stopped talking before he die…

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  2. Imperfect Influencer - Darin McWatters

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  3. #210: Updating Rails - CodePen Blog

    Tim and Marie talk about how CodePen updated Ruby on Rails from 4.2 to 5.2.

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  4. The Chain Accelerator - Episode 05 - Philippe Honigman - Tribute - Liquidity is Driven by Fragmentation - Michael Waitze Presents

    We talked about how one of his previous companies had a loss of 90% of its revenue and yet he did not want to close it down. He started thinking about open sourcing both the code and the organization and this led him to bitcoin which is inherently an open community.Philippe’s introduction crypto was less on the economic side or currency side and more on the governance side. He had previously been involved with a startup that was doing work around virtual communities and after learning more about blockchain technology, was interested in applying the tech to the online community space.Backfeed was a project was mean to give proportional benefits to those in the community. He worked with this team for a year and learned a lot about how to used decentralized governance to grow communities and govern the use of resources for the good of those communities.

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  5. Traditional Service, “The Twelve – Bartholomew, Philip, & James” — Church of the Incarnation

    What really gives life its meaning?

    How do we handle the fact that we almost certainly will not be remembered for long after our earthly lives?

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  6. Service Ownership @Slack

    Holly Allen talks about the bumps and scrapes, triumphs and pitfalls of Slack’s journey from a centralized ops team to development teams that own the full lifecycle of their systems.

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  7. Incident Response: Trade-offs Under Pressure

    John Allspaw provides a glimpse into how other fields handle incident response, including active steps companies can take to support engineers in those uncertain and ambiguous scenarios. Examples include fields such as military, surgical trauma units, space transportation, aviation and air traffic control, and wildland firefighting.

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  8. Why a former Facebook adviser says the ‘like’ button was ‘beginning of the end’ of company’s good old days | CBC Radio

    Roger McNamee, an early adopter of Facebook, was once an adviser to founder Mark Zuckerberg. Today, McNamee is one of the social media giant’s fiercest critics. He speaks to host Anna Maria Tremonti about his new book Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook Catastrophe.

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  9. 345: Maintaining npm with Laurie Voss - ShopTalk

    Laurie Voss is the co-founder and Chief Data Officer of npm and he stopped by the show to talk a bit about npm’s history, some of the issues it faces now, as well as what’s in store for the web in 2019.

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  10. What the ’90s Web Can Teach Us About the Future of the Internet

    Fire up your Netscape Navigators! Alli and Jen talk to Jay Hoffmann, author of The History of the Web, about his research into the early internet.

    The History of the Web is a weekly newsletter that began as a place for coders to reminisce about CSS and Bulletin Board software. But it quickly evolved into a definitive timeline of our shared online history. The story of the Web (the public-facing network of pages that everyone has access to) is arguably the most important sociological endeavor of our time.

    This week on 2 Girls 1 Podcast, Alli and Jen (actors who perform weird internet stuff on stage) chat with Jay Hoffmann, author of The History of the Web, about his inspiration and research into the early internet, and the proto-communities that formed online in the ’90s around weblogs, browser wars, grief, and virtual pets.

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