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  1. liturgy I 02.12.18 Howard Ingham

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  2. PLPTalks - Arleigh Greenwald (BikeShopGirl) - Creating a Better Bike Shop

    Arleigh Greenwald has been in the bicycle industry a long time as an employee, former QBP rep, blogger and critic.  She has taken the next big step to open up her own shop and apply the things she has learned over the years. Find out how she hopes to d

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  3. Sam Harris, Ph.D.: The transformative power of mindfulness (EP.34)

    In this episode, Sam Harris, neuroscientist, author, and host of the Waking Up Podcast, walks us through the profound, yet practical, ways that meditation can transform our lives. Additionally, he helps to define the types of meditation and clarifies potential misconceptions with terms like happiness, pain, and suffering. We discuss:

    The transformative moment that led to Peter reaching out to Sam [3:45]; Comparing the two broad types of meditation, and Peter’s favorite meditation apps [7:45]; The pleasure of a concentrated mind, meditating with pain, and the difference between pain and suffering [13:15]; What it means to be happy, and how to break out of our default state [23:15]; The disease of distraction, why humans suffer, the limitation of happiness, and letting go of anger with mindfulness [31:00]; The challenge of learning mindfulness, the benefit of silent retreats, and Sam’s first experience in solitude as a teenager [54:15]; Sam’s life-altering experience with MDMA [1:03:00]; Mettā meditation a.k.a. loving-kindness, and the concept of ‘moral luck’ [1:14:00]; Overcoming grief and dread with meditation [1:34:45]; The wrong way to practice mindfulness, and the difference between Vipassana and Dzogchen [1:44:45]; Sam’s commitment to never lie, honesty in politics, and Sam’s viewpoint on the Trump phenomenon [2:06:00]; Teaching kids to be more mindful [2:18:30]; Sam’s current book projects, the consequences of a politically correct environment, and the potential of neuroscience to cure psychopathy [2:25:30]; How you can follow Sam’s work [2:39:00]; and More.

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  4. How The Beatles Made ‘The White Album’

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  5. The Friendship That Made Google Huge

    Coding together at the same computer, Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat changed the course of the company—and the Internet.

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  6. Song Exploder | Episode 150: Fleetwood Mac

    Lindsey Buckhingham of Fleetwood Mac breaks down "Go Your Own Way" from the band’s seminal album "Rumours."


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  7. The End of the Beginning

    In his now annual state-of-innovation talk at the a16z Summit in November 2018, Andreessen Horowitz’ Benedict Evans walks through where we are now in software eating the world… and how things may continue to change over the next 10 years.

    What’s the state of not just "the world of tech", but tech in the world? The access story is now coming to an end, observes Evans, but the use story is just beginning: Most of the people are now online, but most of the money is still not. If we think we’re in a period of disruption right now, how will the next big platform shifts — like machine learning — impact huge swathes of retail, manufacturing, marketing, fintech, healthcare, entertainment, and more? Especially as technology begins to tackle bigger problems, in harder markets, at deeper (and more structural) levels?

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  8. Betterment: Jon Stein

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  9. 174: Why You Should Stop Organizing and Build a Second Brain

    If you hired someone new today, could they easily access the info they need? Or would they be sifting through cluttered files, or, worse yet, is everything they need to know stored inside you? Find out how to build a knowledge management system that works.

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  10. 28: Be Healthy and Love Gatsby with Jason Lengstorf | React Podcast

    Jason Lengstorf is a developer advocate at Gatsby and productivity speaker/author. Chantastic asks about what the Gatsby team is up to, why Gatsby makes sense, and how their team is growing a vibrant JavaScript community. They talk about GraphQL, why there’s no site that couldn’t be static assets, connecting Gatsby to your existing API, and productivity tips for staying fresh and capable at work.

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