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  1. The Famous “Drop The Rock” Talk - 1976 |

    This dude was so authentic and approachable.

    Met him at Saturday Mornings Live From NIH…oooh, cool scene.

    You had us referred in from Suburban and the guests of NIH and all meet in the grand auditorium.


    Met Mike B. there.

    Trembled my way to Sandy to say how cool he was and he was just kind and gracious and like meeting Tom Petty and him being as nice and gentle, yet as funny, sharp and witty as you’d hoped.

    RIP and fly high Mr. Beach.



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  2. Embracing Tenderness with Dara Blumenthal (Doubters Live 7th May 2020)

    This was the final part of my three-part series on The Strength of Weakness. I felt so inspired by Dara’s story and her work. My big takeaway from this conve…

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  3. Alex Hillman: A Founding Father of Coworking at Independents Hall - Philly Who? Podcast

    Alex Hillman is the cofounder of Indy Hall, one of Philly’s first ever coworking spaces. Indy Hall today features around 350 independent entrepreneurs and freelancers. But, back in 2006, when Alex was a freelancer himself, freelancing wasn’t so common and could be pretty lonely. Alex loved the independent life, but he missed the camaraderie found in the workplace. So, he set out to find his peers.In this episode, you’ll hear how his group of fellow independents grew, and how they had the crazy idea to actually do their work in the same place. Alex will share how he and the community built Indy Hall from the ground up, and how they lead the coworking revolution.Philly Who? is a Cue9 Production. Music by Lee Rosevere. Podcast Artwork by Lauren Carhart.TW: @alexhillman, @indyhallIG: @alexknowshtml, @indyhallAlex’s Personal Website & BlogIndy Hall’s Website

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