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  1. SV Delos Q&A With Brian and Karin

    Check out https://patreon.com/svdelos to see how can be part of SV Delos live streams!

    Where is Delos right now? And what are Brian and Karin doing in an apartment in Sweden? Now that a baby is coming what are our sailing plans for the future? What are the benefits of 24V vs 12V systems, and what must-have cruising toys should you choose? These questions and many more answered in this Live Q&A that Kazza and I just did. We hope you enjoy and are having a great week! Love Brian and Kazza

    Since we have unlimited, and good internet, we thought it’s a great chance to do a live Q&A! You ask, we do our best to answer :) Love to chat and give you guys a little update on all the exciting things that are happening at the moment. If you can’t make the scheduled time just post your questions below!

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  2. Delos Stockholm Patron Presentation - June 10th 2018

    Wanna chill and listen like a podcast? Download the MP3 at https://svdelos.com/stockholm ! Thanks so much for the great showing everyone, we had an absolute BLAST! For those of you that couldn’t make it here is a recording of the presentation. 00:00 – 55:30 is the presentation, the Q&A portion starts at 55:30. Some of the topics we cover are:

    – The History of the Delos Voyage- 62,000 miles of Sailing!

    – Why did we start filming?

    – How do we film, and how much footage we’ve accumulated.

    – Lisa talks about her experience crossing her first Ocean.

    – Marta the Sailing Mom’s perspective on Karin sailing the world.

    – What is was like to sail into the Caribbean.

    – Future plans in Svalbard, arctic sailing, and Beyond!

    Support Delos Videos- https://svdelos.com/beer


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  3. BONUS: How Teaching Your Customers Can Scale Any Business Model; A 10 Million Dollar Lesson with Greg Smith of Thinkific

    For 15 years Greg has been building and scaling online businesses. Today as co-founder and CEO of the software company Thinkific – the software we use for Podcasters’ Paradise, 3 Hours to Your BIG Idea, and Real Revenue! – he’s helping thousands of entrepreneurs create their own courses and membership sites to grow their business and transform the lives of millions of students.

    Join us this Wednesday, May 30th at 6pm Eastern for a FREE Masterclass with Greg!

    A 4 Step Process to 10x Your Revenue

    To sign up visit: EOFire.com/Greg

    During our LIVE Masterclass on Wednesday, May 30th at 6pm Eastern you’ll learn how to:

    Identify your biggest opportunity

    Maximize your biggest opportunity

    Diversify with other opportunities

    Tie it all together

    Plus, we’ll be sharing how Kate and I used this exact process to 10X our revenue and scale Entrepreneurs On Fire!

    Resources Mentioned:

    Free Training: 3 hours to YOUR BIG IDEA! Follow JLD’s step-by-step system and in just 3 hours you’ll discover YOUR BIG IDEA!

    3 Key Points

    Be sure to claim your spot on our LIVE Masterclass, A 4 Step Process to 10x Your Revenue, going down Wednesday, May 30th at 6pm Eastern! EOFire.com/greg

    If your customer is sharing with you the things they think they need, it’s YOUR responsibility to dive DEEPER when creating the solution. What’s the underlying problem (the symptom?) they’re revealing to you?

    Where education is the first piece of the funnel, Greg sees a consistent 300% INCREASE in revenue for the next ‘step’ people are offering!

    Audio Masterclass Show Notes

    [01:25]: Be sure to join us on our live Masterclass, A 4 Step Process to 10x Your Revenue, coming up Wed, May 30 at 6pm Eastern!


    [2:45]: JLD introduces Greg

    [3:15]: What don’t most people know about you, Greg?… tune in :)

    [4:20]: How teaching your customers can scale any business model

    [4:35]: How can customers hurt you?

    If you listen to them TOO much – everyone has great ideas about what you should do… tune in to hear why this is a dangerous game!

    [5:50]: How can customers help you?

    If they are identifying the things they think they need, you can dive deeper to create the solutions – what’s the underlying problem (the symptom?)

    Where is the symptom coming from?

    Where does your customer want to get to?

    JLD talks about the number 1 question to ask…

    [7:30]: How can we apply these lessons to achieve faster growth?

    Don’t just go build it – do your due diligence

    Ask yourself, is this something I can help with?

    Greg gives an example of The Freedom Journal and The Mastery Journal

    [9:50]: Listen to the words your audience, your customers, your avatar are using

    Use that vocabulary!

    [10:50]: Greg talks about where your customers are now and how YOU can help them get to where they want to go

    13:30: So many different business models! Which business models are best to focus on? JLD and Greg go back and forth about this… Because Greg founded Thinkific, an online course platform software, I’m sure you can guess what his answer is :)

    Online learning / courses




    [15:30]: Greg talks about the massive opportunity available to anyone who’s ready to dive in and start teaching

    [16:00]: Greg’s favorite business model is online courses and he talks about the reasons WHY

    [17:00]: Choose ONE business model to start!

    [18:00]: Be sure to join us on our live Masterclass, A 4 Step Process to 10x Your Revenue, coming up Wed, May 30 at 6pm Eastern!


    [21:20]: What’s working BEST when you look at the data on courses and memberships?

    Data science – Greg’s team has done a ton of research and has run the numbers! They show 65% are set up as a 1-time fee to join course

    But… subscriptions and membership are on the rise

    [24:00]: RESULTS: let’s get to it… JLD asks Greg what he sees come up over and over?

    Where education is the first piece of the funnel, Greg sees a consistent 300% INCREASE in revenue for the next ‘step’ people are offering

    25:00: JLD and Greg talk about Later as an example

    [26:40]: JLD uses his brand new FREE course as an example

    YourBigIdea.io – 3 Hours to Your BIG Idea

    [27:45]: JLD and Greg talk about pricing – what are the most successful price points?

    Greg talks about people pricing TOO LOW!

    If you were going to rent a room, get coffee and snacks, and bring people in to teach them something, what would you charge them? This is a good question to ask yourself when thinking about pricing…

    [29:30]: Greg dives into the details of pricing – tune in to hear what he has to say about the $200 – $400 price range for a course

    [31:00]: JLD and Greg talk about Gamification to increase revenue

    What is gamification? Greg defines it and breaks it down – it’s not what you might think! (this isn’t a game…)

    [34:00] Parting piece of guidance from Greg: Why is teaching the most effective method of learning? Tune in to hear what Greg has to say!

    Be sure to join us on our live Masterclass this Wed, May 30th at 6pm with Greg Smith, Founder of Thinkific, as we walk through A 4 Step Process to 10x Your Revenue! EOFire.com/greg

    Killer Resources!

    1) The Freedom Journal: Accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days!

    2) The Mastery Journal: Master productivity, discipline and focus in 100 days!

    3) Free Podcast Course: Create, Grow and monetize YOUR Podcast!

    Subscribe to EOFire!


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  4. Simon Black: Priced To Fantasy | Peak Prosperity

    Chris and I have been on a ship this week, presenting at The Real Estate Investor Summit At Sea.We were able to steal away for an hour to sit down with fellow presenter Simon Black (founder of SovereignMan.com) and this excellent discussion ensued. We didn’t have any agenda prepared; it’s just us three riffing and sharing our tho


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