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  1. OM-D E-M5 Mark II — All About the Gear

    With a new 40 megapixel mode and improved in-body image stabilization, the OM-D E-M5 Mark II is already one of the hottest cameras of the year. As All About the Gear approaches its second anniversary,’s Gordon Laing joins host Doug Kaye to review Olympus’ latest addition to their micro four-thirds camera line.

    Sporting improved controls, a new fully articulating rear LCD screen and a faster shutter, the Mark II is such a substantial improvement over the original E-M5 that Gordon considers it an even better camera than Olympus’ more-expensive flagship OM-D E-M1.

    Read Gordon’s in-depth review at

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  2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Off Camera with Sam Jones

    One of best ways to enter and appreciate the original, prolific brain of Joseph Gordon-Levitt is through the lens of hitRECord, the open, collaborative production company he founded in 2005, and one of the most creative and inspiring uses of the Internet ever. Its nearly 100,000 members submit…

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  3. Lumix GX8 - All About the Gear

    The Panasonic Lumix GX8 is the third in the company’s "GX" line to which they’ve added weather sealing, a fully articulating LCD, 4K video, 4-axis in-body image stabilization and a 20MP sensor. The GX8 is a great mid-range micro-four-thirds camera that leverages Panasonic’s superiority in video including great capabilities to shoot 4K video for the purpose of extracting 8MP still images.

    Doug and Gordon explore what’s been updated since the GX7 came out two years ago, where the new camera fits into the Lumix line, and compare the GX8 to similarly priced cameras from Olympus, Fujifilm and Sony.

    Listen to the audio version on AAtG:

    Read Gordon’s detailed review on

    Buy the Lumix GX8 from: B&H: Adorama: Amazon UK: Amazon DE:

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  4. RD Laing - Track Six

    R.D. Laing - Track Six. From the album "Life Before Death" (1978). Charisma CAS 1141.

    Life before Death is the result of a collaboration during 1977 and 1978 between the Scottish psychiatrist R. D. Laing (7 October 1927 — 23 August 1989) and the composers Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley. It takes the form of a series of sonnets and other poems written and performed by Laing to an original musical score.

    The album was recorded at the Regent’s Park Recording Company, London, and issued on the Charisma label in 1978. The musical direction and orchestrations were by Nic Rowley. The recording engineer was Stephen Lipson, assisted by Alan Jacoby. The sleeve artwork was designed by Hag.

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  5. Fretboard Journal Podcast 33: Mike Gordon of Phish | The Fretboard Journal: Keepsake magazine for guitar collectors

    Our 33rd podcast features a nearly hour-long interview Fretboard Journal editor Marc Greilsamer conducted with Phish bassist Mike Gordon. Gordon talks about the gear he uses, recent shows, comparisions between Phish and the Grateful Dead, his solo album Moss and much, much more.

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  6. WDGTD - Gary Robbins Patreon-Only Q&A!





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