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  1. Spike Jonze | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts - Episode 78

    The show that has skateboarders talking - This week Spike Jonze discusses growing up on the East Coast, how shooting BMX lead him into skateboarding, starting "Dirt" magazine with Andy Jenkins, moving to LA, filming his first video for World Industries "Rubbish Heap", what it was like filming Blind "Video Days", how he got into making music videos for bands like Sonic Youth, The Beastie Boys, The Pharcyde, Weezer and so many more, starting Girl Skateboards with Rick Howard, Mike Carroll & Megan Baltimore, Winning an Academy Award for his movie "Her" starring Joaquin Phoenix, car trouble in SF filming "Goldfish", Blowing shit up for the Lakai video "Fully Flared" and much more!

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  2. The Secrets of Happy Families | Bruce Feiler | Talks at Google

    Bruce Feiler visited Google LA to talk about his book "The Secrets of Happy Families." This talk took place on March 19, 2013. To learn more about Bruce and the book, visit Bruce's website at brucefeiler.com.

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  3. Conversations with Contemporary Artists: Virgil Abloh

    The High is excited to present a conversation with Virgil Abloh, a visionary artist and multidisciplinary talent in fashion, music, architecture, and design, whose work is on view in Virgil Abloh: “Figures of Speech.” Abloh and Kevin W. Tucker, the High’s Chief Curator, will sit down to discuss what makes tourists and purists excited about this career retrospective. Recorded March 1, 2020. Visit the High Museum: https://high.org/

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQdkxyXPPMc
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  4. Fight Club Author Chuck Palahniuk on Life, Death and Finding Meaning In Your Life

    This episode is brought to you by Pique. Go to https://piquetea.com/impact​ and use code IMPACT at checkout to get an additional 5% off + FREE SHIPPING (over $100) on your first order!

    If the raw nature of the human experience makes you even a little uncomfortable, this episode will be a treat to buckle up for. Chuck PALAHNIUK, well known author for the Fight Club, Guts and many more, takes you through a journey of highs and lows as he reveals the world through the lens through which he sees the fascination called life.

    Order Chuck Palahniuk’s new book, Invention of Sound: https://www.amazon.com/Invention-Sound-Chuck-Palahniuk-ebook/dp/B083J15DPM/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=Chuck+Palahniuk+the+invention+of+sound&qid=1586887098&sr=8-1&linkCode=sl1&tag=officchuckpalaha&linkId=fc193892f0f2fd560adce4b020133392&language=en_US


    Dark Side | Chuck’s take on types of people not dealing with unresolved darkness [2:42] Guts | Chuck’s experience publicly reading his book Guts & shedding pretense of looking good [5:06] One Thing | Chuck explains history without one person and committing to one thing in life [9:50] Live Forever | Opposing ideals of living forever and doing infinite things or one thing [12:13] So What | Chuck shares his take on this mantra to not be hindered by someone else…

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  5. The Time Mr. Beast Almost Died - IMPAULSIVE EP. 291

    YouTube’s most generous creator, MrBeast, joins the boys to discuss escaping death behind the wheel, spending $4,000,000 per month on his videos💰, high stakes gambling stories, rising success of Beast Burgers 🍔, why he will become the biggest YouTuber EVER, a sneak peek of his next challenge 🏝, if he still hates YouTube & more…

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    Watch Previous (Sean O’Malley Is The Future Of The UFC) ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M43Su7rXbyA

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    PLEASE NOTE Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expe…

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  6. The Science and Politics of Fear | Dan Gardner | Talks at Google

    Dan Gardner talking about his book, "The Science and Politics of Fear". Dan will discuss a new way of thinking about the risks we take and the decisions we make in daily life. Having spoken to psychologists, economists and scientists, he throws light on our paranoia about everything from paedophiles and chemical contamination to suicide bombs and germs, and explains why the most significant threats we face are actually the mundane risks to which we pay little attention. Never has it been truer that you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Dan is a columnist and senior writer for the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, specializing in criminal justice and other investigative issues.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6buOrNLXIgg&t=1058s
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  7. Neil Strauss | The Truth Panel

    Neil Strauss, in celebration of his new book The Truth, discusses relationships with authors Christopher Ryan & Esther Perel.

    Neil Strauss, New York Times bestselling author of the controversial pickup artist book The Game, visits Strand for an exclusive conversation surrounding the launch of his most personal story yet: The Truth. In this book, Neil grapples with social ills that can plague our personal relationships. He’s joined in conversation by Christopher Ryan, PhD, co-author of Sex at Dawn, and Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity.

    Buy a copy of The Truth here: http://www.strandbooks.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=search.results&includeOutOfStock=1&searchString=The+Truth+Neil+Strauss

    Buy a copy of Mating in Captivity here: http://www.strandbooks.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=search.results&includeOutOfStock=1&searchString=Mating+in+Captivity+Esther+Perel

    Buy a copy of Sex at Dawn here: http://www.strandbooks.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=search.results&includeOutOfStock=1&searchString=Sex+at+Dawn+Christopher+Ryan

    October 15, 2015

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  8. Neil Strauss | The Truth (Episode 452)

    Check out our MAIN channel, at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJvDcUXuIzQfeEY--xrgxSA Subscribe now at http://theartofcharm.com/itunes

    Hosted by Jordan Harbinger and AJ Harbinger

    Neil Strauss considers himself a storyteller first, and a writer second (but always Neil Strauss, in spite of a motion picture company’s best attempt to buy the exclusive rights to his name as a character for an adaptation of his New York Times bestselling book The Game). He’s been on the show before, and we’ve even gone to North Korea and back together.

    He’s here for episode 452 of The Art of Charm to talk about his new book The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships. It’s a personal story of Neil dealing with the consequences of his own actions; as he says, “I am not the hero in this tale. I am the villain.” Enjoy!

    The Cheat Sheet: We may look up to — and even envy — the rich and famous without realizing that fame just amplifies the flaws people already have. (05:59) We’re not going on the line to say this is true in all cases, but many relationships get stronger after a tell-all confession. (08:18) What should you do first when you love your partner but you have a sexual desire for someone else? (12:11) How do people in non-traditional, non-monogamous relationships separate love and sex? (13:59) Two diffe…

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  9. Brian Eno & Stewart Brand on Film, Music, and Creativity | SXSW 2021

    Musician Brian Eno in discussion with Stewart Brand, the subject of a new documentary on Stewart called We Are As Gods. The film profiles Stewart Brand: legendary pioneer of the counterculture, cyberspace, futurism, and modern environmentalism. Today, he urges people to use our god-like powers to fight extinction by reviving lost species, but his former allies in the environmental movement vow to stand in his way.

    Brian Eno created the beautiful and indelible original music for We Are As Gods. The two are friends and co-founders of the Long Now Foundation, an organization dedicated to shifting humanity’s perspective to long-term thinking.

    Brian and Stewart chat with filmmakers about the film, collaborating on the musical score, and limiting creative possibilities in the digital age.

    About SXSW: SXSW dedicates itself to helping creative people achieve their goals. Founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas, SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. An essential destination for global professionals, this year’s online event features sessions, showcases, screenings, exhibitions, professional development and a variety of networking opportunities. For more information, please visit sxsw.com.

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