WRITING A JOKE w/ Sean Millea & Mark Normand

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Good egg! Great pod! Writing a joke take two!! Enjoy folks check out the pod.


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When to Write: 2:37 Falling in love with old Jokes: 5:04 posting bits to social media 6:00 telling stories: 10:16 what makes things funny: 11:50 could robots write jokes?: 25:55 Ratio of writing to performing: 27:17
telling jokes tired: 29:43 how to find your voice: 31:40 WRITING A JOKE: 37:55 Telling risky jokes: 42:55 Marks mysterious joke success :47:45 WRITING SEANS JOKE: 52:20 merging two jokes 1:02:02 taking things out of context 1:03:31 podcasting vs standup: 1:05:36 we crack the joke: 1:08:45 MARKS SECOND JOKE: 1:12:15 MARK TRIES THE JOKES 1:21:21

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