Full PreFrontal Podcast Episode 137 - David Yeager

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“The only thing that could impede me was me“ are the words spoken by Amada Gorman, the first ever Youth Poet Laureate. Amanda for many years suffered from a speech impediment and an auditory processing disorder that made it difficult to communicate intelligibly what her beautiful mind was so eloquently able to construct. Amanda’s personal discovery that I am more than my garbled speech encapsulates the growth mindset which comes into play when hardship looms over and seeing the possibility for a better self or better future turns bleak.

On this episode, David Yeager, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, addresses how a growth mindset injects doubt into that fixed mindset worldview and how a cultivated growth mindset can go on to unravel personal gifts that not only bring joy to oneself but are an abundant benefit to the world.

About David Yeager David Yeager is an experimental development psychologist in the department of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. In his academic research, he examines the causes of and solutions to adolescent health problems, such as bullying, depression, academic achievement, cheating, trust, or healthy eating. He often focuses on adolescent transitions—th…

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