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  1. Agile Management Beyond The Single Project

    A Spot On Projects with Johanna Rothman:

    Agile Management Beyond The Single Project

    “It's not which projects you start, it's which projects you finish”

    Once you've picked a project and its team, you have the entire Agile arsenal of methods to guide you. Problem solved, right? Well, not exactly.

    How did you get to pick that project? Of all the things the team could do, why that one? What would you do if a more important undertaking turns up halfway through? Would that be a business decision, a management decision, or a collaborative one? And how do you produce schedules when multiple projects are involved?

    These are all project portfolio questions, and the Agile community is only beginning to understand how to answer them. They are your questions too, if your development organization works on anything more than a single on-going project. Want some answers? Johanna has them.

    Johanna is a much sought-after speaker and consultant, working with people to improve how they manage their product development — to maximize management and technical staff productivity and to improve product quality. Johanna is the author of several books: Johanna writes columns on “extreme project management” for Gantthead, and writes two blogs on her website, jrothman.com. She is also a host of the Amplifying Your Effectiveness (AYE) conference.

    The matters Gil and Johanna will discuss in “Agile Management Beyond the Single Project” include:

    • balancing keep-the-lights-on projects with growth projects
    • who's responsible for managing the portfolio, and the qualities they need
    • politics in portfolio management
    • making portfolio schedule promises when the underlying projects are Agile

    via http://www.3pvantage.com/jrothman/opt-in.php?ver=RBL

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  2. Episode 156: Kanban with David Anderson | Software Engineering Radio

    This episode is part of our series on agile software development. We talk with David Anderson about Kanban, an agile software development method that is quite different from most of the other agile methods out there. We discuss the basic ideas behind Kanban, the differences between Kanban and Scrum and when and why projects can benefit from using Kanban. This episode is done in cooperation with the German magazine ObjektSpektrum (thanks for sharing this interview with us).


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  3. Agile acceptance tests

    This talk is about how we use Agile Acceptance Tests. These tests are a mix of a function test and an acceptance test. First the developers complete the UI layouts from the UI Guidelines and Wireframes. Then the UI is tested using the test scripts that have been created from the user stories.

    I am a technical communicator and user experience designer, so I have seen the good and the bad. I love working with people, sorting out large content, and putting the user experience first in web design.

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  4. Agile Team Performance Management

    While many organizations have adopted Agile approaches at a project level, few have effectively aligned their human performance management processes with Agile values. This presentation and discussion will explore the subject of creating a truly holistic performance system that not only adheres to Agile principles, but actively promotes maturity in applying them to the delivery of measurable business and user value.

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  5. Agile and User Experience Design

    Agile developers and UX designers have a lot more in common than you might think. We’ll show that both agile design and development work best when they integrate and when users are put at the center of the process. We’ll focus on what works and what doesn’t. Much of this presentation will build off of a national research study on design and development practices as well as case studies from Adaptive Path project teams.

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