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  1. Mormon Temple Renovation Raises Preservation Concerns | KJZZ’s The Show

    The Mormon Temple in downtown Mesa, built in 1927, is the oldest in Arizona. And now, the church has announced that it will be closed for two years starting this month for renovations.But part of their plans for redevelopment are raising concerns.Not all of the details have been revealed, but the redevelopment of the temple will include the demolition of as many as eight


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  2. Military Cover-Up? 100s of Migrants Feared Dead in Mass Grave at AZ’s Barry Goldwater Bombing Range | Democracy Now!

    As the Trump administration continues an immigration crackdown at the border, asylum seekers are being told to wait for days or weeks on end before being allowed entry into the United States. This practice is leading more and more immigrants to risk their lives on dangerous journeys through the desert to enter the country instead, says investigative reporter John Carlos Frey. We speak with the Marshall Project reporter about the Barry Goldwater bombing range in Arizona, a vast swath of land across the border from Nogales, Mexico. The area is part of an incredibly dangerous migrant path, but aid workers are not allowed access to the site. Frey estimates hundreds of immigrants could have died there in recent years but that their bodies have not been recovered.


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  3. Untold Arizona: Meet The People Living ‘Off Grid’ In Cochise County | KJZZ

    How can you live a frontier lifestyle long after the frontier has closed? In 2020, it involves solar panels, composting toilets, and rainwater harvesting. Those are hallmarks of the “off-grid” lifestyle, which allows a homeowner to separate from the electric, water, and even food grid and provide for him or herself.


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  4. 049 Meat Puppets “Out My Way”

    Hey you, get Out My Way, we're talkin' Meat Puppets this week!

    YOU DON’T KNOW MOJACK is a podcast dedicated to exploring the entire SST catalogue, in order, from start to finish. During the podcast we will discuss all the releases that are part of our core DNA, as well as many lesser-known releases that deserve a second chance, or releases that we are discovering for the very first time (we actually don’t know Mojack!). First and foremost we are fans, and acknowledge that we are not perfect and don’t know everything – sometimes the discussion is more about a time, place, feeling, personal experience or random tangents, and less about the facts (but we will try to get to the facts too). Facebook: www.facebook.com/mojackpod/ Twitter: @mojackpod Instagram: www.instagram.com/mojackpod/ Blog: www.mojackpod.com/ Tumblr: www.tumblr.com/blog/mojackpod Theme Song: Shockflesh

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