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  1. Robot or Not? | Filesystems and Flowerpot Robots (Episode 62b)


    Filesystems and Flowerpot Robots

    Live from RelayCon WWDC 2016, it’s a special live edition of Robot or Not.

    June 18, 2016

    3 minutes

    John Siracusa and Jason Snell

    with Myke Hurley


    (1 M)

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    Filesystems and Flowerpot Robots

    Live from RelayCon WWDC 2016, it’s a special live edition of Robot or Not.

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  2. MacStories Lounge Interview with Casey Liss

    Casey Liss and I discuss the Layers conference, Apple Watch, Messages, and other WWDC announcements.

    Original video:
    Downloaded by

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  3. Material #51: World Wide Throwing Shade Conference - Relay FM

    OK Google, what’s that in my viewfinder? Google Photos? Oh no, that’s the new Apple Photo Memories. Yes, we talk DUB DUB. Yes, we’re an Android show. Make sure you stock up on some Vitamin D, there is some shade being thrown.

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  4. iMore show 514: Live (and noisy!) from WWDC 2016! | iMore

    We’re right outside the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (and it’s noisy and windy — so sorry!) to talk WWDC 2016: watchOS, tvOS, macOS Sierra, iOS 10. Special guest developer James Thomson joins Serenity, Bader, and Rene!

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  5. A Conversation with Edward Snowden (Part 2)

    Neil deGrasse Tyson’s exclusive, one-on-one conversation with Edward Snowden - via robot - concludes with a deeper dive into metadata, personal privacy and covert communications, before exploring pulsars and cosmic background radiation.

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  6. A Conversation with Edward Snowden (Part 1)

    Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with whistleblower Edward Snowden via robotic telepresence from Moscow. In Part 1, they discuss Isaac Newton, knowledge and learning, the Periodic Table, encryption and privacy, and much more.

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  7. Business Of Disaster: Insurance Firms Profited $400 Million After Sandy : NPR

    More than three years after Superstorm Sandy, NPR and PBS’s Frontline investigate the thousands still not home, the government agencies that failed to help and the companies that made millions.

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  8. 006 - David Sparks of Sparks Law and - U-Turn

    David Sparks talks about quitting his day job working at a law firm to start his own one-man firm called Sparks Law.

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  9. Electric Shadow 35: Going Back Into Space

    There is something wrong with the opening crawl for The Force Awakens. Fan

    and typography enthusiast John Gruber and original Star Wars opening title

    sequence designer Dan Perri help unravel the mystery of where (and when)

    things went wrong.

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  10. Not Playing | Finders Sneakers (Episode 2.11)

    We missed you, too.

    We took a few weeks off, but then we felt that longing, that need to once again share the joy of watching a movie most everyone has seen, but that at least one of us hasn’t.

    In this case, Dan introduced Lex to 1992’s Sneakers, which Lex repeatedly attempted to confuse with the Angelina Jolie starrer Hackers. Sneakers is not Hackers, as Dan patiently explained to Lex. Repeatedly. For a movie about cryptography and hacking, Sneakers holds up surprisingly well.

    Hot topics include Lex’s confusion between Robert Redford and Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley’s New Jersey accent or lack thereof, and stock characters.

    Support the show by watching Sneakers via Amazon streaming, or by grabbing the movie from iTunes. And, as always, we’d love it if you left us a review.

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