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  1. Episode 7: The Mayor and the Mormon Church, and Roger Angell - The New Yorker

    High-school students stage a fraught election simulation; Roger Angell on writing in his tenth decade; Lena Dunham and Allison Williams try to make plans.


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  2. #45: CEO John Suh on Why Lawyers Should Love LegalZoom

    In this episode we skip the introductory banter in order to get straight to the conversation with John Suh, CEO of the legal-industry bogeyman, LegalZoom. Not only would Suh like to change that, he’s got a strong argument for why lawyers should learn to love his company.


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  3. Eugene Mirman

    Highly regarded and amazing comedian Todd Barry talks to friends - and maybe people he doesn’t know -

    about their careers, travel, food, and various other topics. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Yeah. It really does.


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  4. Ctrl-Walt-Delete: on Steve Jobs the man, the myth, the movie | The Verge

    Steve Jobs was a complicated character, and we are still waiting for a movie to do him justice. You won’t find that in the current iteration written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle….


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  5. Keeping Things Simple, with Katie Floyd - TPW061 - The Productive Woman

    Attorney and tech podcaster Katie Floyd and I talk about her "best practices" for managing a busy life.



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  6. Is a Houston-Area Coal-Fired Power Plant Emitting Too Much of a Deadly Pollutant? | Houston Matters

    “First and foremost, WA Parish meets all EPA and state air permit and emission requirements for operation.


    As for National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), the best way to demonstrate that the NAAQS for SO2 is being attained is through actual measurements of ambient air over an extended period of time.   At this time, there are no SO2 monitors in Fort Bend County.  Nearby monitors in Greater Houston, northeast of Parish, and in Freeport, TX,  south-southeast of Parish, show the air quality to be in attainment with the SO2 NAAQS.   In fact, even all monitors in the heavily industrialized Houston Ship Channel area are demonstrating attainment with the SO2 standard.   In the absence of monitoring data , air quality modeling can be used as an indicator of air quality.   Modeling is complex and requires a substantial amount of inputs and assumptions, related to meteorology, emissions, etc.


    As the authors of the Beyond Coal campaign, it is not surprising that Sierra’s assumptions, interpretations and modeling would made to show Fort Bend County around the Parish plant to be over the standard.


    NRG has provided detailed modeling to the EPA that shows that Fort Bend County and the area around Parish is attaining the SO2 NAAQS. The lead environmental agency for the state of Texas, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has also filed with the EPA that Fort Bend in in compliance.  The ultimate determination will be made by the EPA and we are confident that determination will show that Fort Bend County is in attainment.


    I would also add that NRG is leading a $1 billion effort to build America’s first carbon capture facility on an existing coal plant at Parish.  In addition to capturing 90% of the carbon dioxide in the processed flue gas, it will also capture virtually all of the sulfur from that flue gas. Construction on that project is on schedule and on budget and the carbon capture system should be operational by the end of 2016.”


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  7. iMore show 476: iOS 9 review roundtable | iMore

    The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple! On this episode —iOS 9 is here with Siri and search intelligence, iPad multitasking, content blockers, News, Notes, transit, and much, much more! So, how is it? Serenity Caldwell, Rene Ritchie and special guest Federico Viticci discuss!


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  8. A Conversation with Edward Snowden (Part 1) by StarTalk Radio | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Stream A Conversation with Edward Snowden (Part 1) by StarTalk Radio from desktop or your mobile device


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  9. Cortex #3: Good for Brain Health - Relay FM

    This time, Grey and Myke answer questions from listeners, while addressing topics like the utility of the iPad, notification badges, and whether you should have a web browser on your phone.


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  10. Mac Roundtable Podcast » Mac Roundtable 2015-09-09 #229

    Hosts this week are:

    Allison Sheridan NosillaCast Mac Podcast podfeet.com @podfeetKatie Floyd katiefloyd.com Mac Power Users macpowerusers.com @katiefloydJohn F Braun Mac Geek Gab at macgeekgab.com @johnfbraunDave Hamilton davehamilton.com Mac Geek Gab macgeekgab.com @davehamiltonBart Busschots Let’s Talk Podcasts at lets-talk.ie @bbusschots

    In this episode we cover Apple Announcement from today about new Apple Watches & Bands, the iPad Pro, the barely-mentioned iPad Mini 4 upgrade, the new AppleTV and of course the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download


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