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  1. How the Supermarket Helped America Win the Cold War (Ep. 386) - Freakonomics Freakonomics

    Aisle upon aisle of fresh produce, cheap meat, and sugary cereal — a delicious embodiment of free-market capitalism, right? Not quite. The supermarket was in fact the endpoint of the U.S. government’s battle for agricultural abundance against the U.S.S.R. Our farm policies were built to dominate, not necessarily to nourish — and we are still living with the consequences.


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  2. Revisionist History Podcast

    Listen to “Hallelujah” Episode 7 of The Revisionist History Podcast with Malcolm Gladwell.


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  3. Vergecast: Roku CEO Anthony Wood, MacBook Pro benchmarks, and Google gets fined - The Verge

    We’ve got a super stuffed episode of The Vergecast this week.


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  4. My friend, the fake German heiress: a true crime special – books podcast | Books | The Guardian

    Rachel DeLoache Williams recalls her time with hoaxer Anna Sorokin in My Friend Anna and we rank the best true crime books


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  5. Snell - Apollo 11


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  6. The Treatment - David Fincher

    Executive producer David Fincher talks delving deeper into the psyche of serial killers in season two of "Mindhunter".


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  7. Blackhawks podcast: SCH - Jokiharju, Shaw and Lehner - Ep. 33 - Second City Hockey

    Ep. 33 discusses the Henri Jokiharju and Andrew Shaw trades and the Robin Lehner signing.


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  8. Blackhawks Talk Podcast: Robin Lehner on mental health and competition with Corey Crawford; reaction to Henri Jokiharju trade | NBC Sports Chicago

    On the latest Blackhawks Talk Podcast, Robin Lehner joins the show to talk about mental health and the goaltending competition with Corey Crawford. Pat Boyle and Charlie Roumeliotis then react to the Henri Jokiharju trade.


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  9. The History Chicks Episode 84: Ida B. Wells

    A woman who was warned yet persisted and become a hero of civil rights


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  10. 059 - Quantum Leading to Robert McNamara

    We will drop THE LAST BRIDESMAID (2019) until: A question mark leads to an exclamation point … THEME … The bipartisanship ceremony … Better than the new churn … The busier oeuvre of Nina Weinman … Hallmark realism as foreign policy … Kissinger, Scowcroft, Armitage, Oh my! … George Mitchell’s pipe … Cast rundown … Matt Harvey actor … The Expositional Challenge … The Magic Mountain … The Sutton Foster of the Hallmark universe … Tell your auteurs no sometime … Jeb’s preschool hunt … Stop whining about your prosperity … Laying people off without a Gary … Moh’s Hardness Scale … Plot wrap-up … Movies on aircraft carriers … Five months together … Amazing natural blocking … Nimitz 1-4 … Roland Emmerich quit … Having an adult conversation … Welcome back to blimp chat … BREAK … Spot the Angel: Dual angels, but Kyle can code … Eat Your Heart Out: Little food; catching Becca eating; normal salad; expensive but authentically annoying wedding; Shame the Cat! … Pros in the Olympics … Venus de Milo discount … The Hallmark Expanded Universe: The Wedding March’s Tombstone wedding town; Ike Clanton’s defense of marriage; Paul Campbell, the sexless Quantum Lead … BREAK … Overdetermined: The joy-or-insurance binary vs. The Herr …

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