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  1. Small Business Legal – David Sparks advises and starts businesses by The Small Business Show | Podchaser

    Small Business Legal – David Sparks advises and starts businesses from The Small Business Show on Podchaser, aired Wednesday, 4th November 2015.

    David Sparks, long time attorney and long-time geek left the practice he had been with for decades to branch out on his own. Using his geek skills to buil…


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  2. Hot Coffee: A KBG Injury Lawcast: What to Have on Your Auto Insurance Policy

    What are the differences between full tort and limited tort? When should you adjust your auto insurance policy? What is the right amount of coverage? Attorneys Tim Salvatore and Evan Kline answer these questions and more in Hot Coffee’s Episode 5.


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  3. Bibi limps to election ‘victory.’ But he didn’t win - Haaretz - Omny.fm

    Two days after Israel’s three-peat election, and with 99.8 percent of the votes counted, Israel appears no closer to a functioning government than it was when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dissolved the Knesset in December 2018.

    Joining host Simon Spungin for a confusion-busting episode of Haaretz Weekly are Noa Landau, Anshel Pfeffer, Judy Maltz and Allison Kaplan Sommer.


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