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    100 episodes! Whaaat?! This celebratory episode involves me drunk dialing a bunch of you on Skype. We’ll get to that. But first, a little background and thank you… My podcast—The Tim Ferriss Show—was started on a whim. It was intended as a break between big book projects.


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  2. Inboxes Zero: Merlin Mann on anxiety, relationships and expectations - BTTDL059 - Beyond the To Do List

    Thanks Erik and Merlin! I think Merlin identified something I have been feeling for a while, which has manifest in me obsessing over certain inboxes (according to his definition, from all sources), and ignoring others, out of a sense of dread. Now I can take a fresh look, do some filtering and pruning, and hopefully feel good about interacting with the information I receive. By the way, one of the “inboxes” is my podcast list, and I have been dreading the productivity and career ones, but I did push through and listen to this for 90 minutes minus the 2x speed time savings.



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