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  1. Remembering Mister Rogers : NPR

    Fred Rogers, the host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, dies of cancer at the age of 74. Rogers hosted the popular children’s program on public television for more than 30 years. Esquire magazine writer-at-large Tom Junod profiled Fred Rogers in 1998, and they remained in touch since. Junod joins guest host Lynn Neary for a discussion about Rogers’ life.


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  2. Remembering Mr. Rogers (1994/1997) | Charlie Rose

    Fred Rogers (1928-2003) was better known as Mister Rogers, the host of "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood" from 1968 to 2000. The following is a compilation of Charlie’s two interviews with Rogers, from 1994 and 1997.

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  3. Fred Rogers testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications

    On May 1, 1969, Fred Rogers, host of the (then) recently nationally syndicated children’s television series, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (named Misterogers’ Neighborhood at the time), testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce Subcommittee on Communications to defend $20 million in federal funding proposed for the newly formed non-profit Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which was at risk of being reduced to $10 million. Subcommittee chairman, Senator John Pastore (D-RI), unfamiliar with Fred Rogers, is initially abrasive toward him. Over the course of Rogers’ 6 minutes of testimony, Pastore’s demeanor gradually transitions to one of awe and admiration as Rogers speaks.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKy7ljRr0AA&feature=youtu.be
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