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  1. Jony Ive - Future of Design

    S3 Attempt

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  2. Jony Ive - Future of Design

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  3. Episode 30: Taplytics’ Aaron Glazer, Y Combinator’s Yuri Sagalov by harris | Aaron Harris | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Stream Episode 30: Taplytics’ Aaron Glazer, Y Combinator’s Yuri Sagalov by harris from desktop or your mobile device


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  4. 5by5 | After Dark #503: After Back to Work 205

    Dan and John talk after Back to Work #205.


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  5. The Tim Ferriss Show, Episode 20: Dan Carlin – Hardcore History, Building Podcasts, Creativity, and More | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

    Listen on iTunes, download (right click “save as”), or stream below now: This podcast is brought to you by The Tim Ferriss Book Club, which features a handful of books that have changed my life. Here’s the list. Now, on to our guest…


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  6. 125: Long, Hot Showers with Merlin Mann

    Brett discusses the notion of high-temperature water immersion as a

    treatment for sleep disorder and creative blocks with Merlin Mann.

    Brought to you by

    • Backblaze: unlimited, unthrottled backup for $5 a month

    • PDFpen version 2 for iPhone & iPad: the pro-level PDF editing and

    annotation app


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  7. Roderick on the Line vs. THREES

    John Roderick and Merlin Mann’s exclusive interview with Asher Vollmer, creator of the diabolical iOS game, Threes.

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  8. Roderick on the Line, Ep. 125: “All the Great Shows!”

    The Problem: John wasn’t actually a big fan.


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  9. a16z Podcast: Ben and Marc Explain (Practically) Everything – Part 1


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  10. Power Vertical Podcast: Nikita Khrushchev

    Nikita Khrushchev’s great-granddaughter talks about the family legacy and its relevance to Russia today on the latest Power Vertical Podcast.



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