SPEKTRMODULE 47No Snow28 minutes and 50 seconds

This is an ambient / haunted music podcast curated by Warren Ellis, who is a writer from England.

I am at @warrenellis / warrenellis@gmail.comandhttp://morning.computer & http://orbitaloperations.com

Please tell other people about this podcast for sleepy people if you like it. We are #SPEKTRMODULE on social media.

It lives at spkmdl.libsyn.com


  1. logotone by Dirty Knobs

  2. "Guantanamo Bae (Ωriginal Mix)" - ΩA-HA (album: Vaporpanik in the Year Ω - http://metaphysicaldigital.bandcamp.com )

  3. "Frozen Warnings" - United Bible Studies (album: Soregh, Murne & Fast - http://united-bible-studies.bandcamp.com )

  4. "When I Knew I Loved You" - Madeleine Cocolas (album: Cascadia- http://futuresequence.bandcamp.com )

  5. "Pool of White Light" - Apollo Vermouth (album: Don’t Forget the People Around You- http://apollovermouth.bandcamp.com )

  6. "It’s Not The Same Without You" - Slow Clinic (album: The Things I Leave Behind - http://audiogourmet.bandcamp.com )

  7. "OUTRO" - GHOST COP (EP: GHOST COP - http://ghostcopnyc.bandcamp.com )

  8. logotone