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  1. #2: The Dark Side of Fat Loss With Sean Croxton | The Bulletproof Executive

    Sean Croxton comes on Upgraded Self Radio to talk about fitness and health myths and his new book: The Dark Side of Fat Loss.


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  2. #1: Biohacking 101 With Andrew Clark | The Bulletproof Executive

    Learn how to lose fat, gain muscle, fight disease, master your tests and career, and end insomnia forever. Welcome to biohacking.


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  3. Podcast #6: Optimum Performance Training with James Fitzgerald | The Bulletproof Executive

    Listen to James Fitzgerald from Optimum Performance training discuss everything you need to know about achieving fitness.


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  4. Podcast #13: How To Take Care of Your Brain with Coconut Oil & Ketones | The Bulletproof Executive

    Dr. Mary T. Newport shares the miraculous story of curing her husbands Alzheimer’s disease with coconut oil and ketones.


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