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  1. Episode 116: Notes in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina – AppStories

    This week, Federico and John start a series of episodes on the new and updated apps coming to iOS and macOS Catalina in the fall starting with Notes.


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  2. Season 1 Episode 9: Dialog – Creativity meets Technology

    This week Federico and John conclude their conversation with video game narrative designer and novelist Carrie Patel. In this installment, we cover where Patel finds inspiration, planning a novel, her writing process, the benefits of having a publisher, balancing writing and a full-time job, and more.


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  3. Episode 121: How Travel Affects The Apps and Gear We Use – AppStories

    This week, Federico provides an update on the progress he’s made on his iOS 13 review, and then he and John dig into how travel affects the apps and gear they use.


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  4. Jack Kornfield - Heart Wisdom - Ep. 96 - An Homage to Goenka – Be Here Now Network 2019

    In this episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack Kornfield speaks to the subtle graciousness of uncertainty as we navigate life’s mysteries.


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  5. RHR: Your Guide to Keto Fasting, with Dr. Joseph Mercola | Chris Kresser

    Keto fasting combines a very-low-carb diet with intermittent periods of fasting—and it has the potential to improve your sleep, cell regeneration, and gut health. Find out more about this lifestyle in this episode of RHR.


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  6. by clicking here

    Kapil Gupta is a personal advisor to pro athletes, CEOs, and celebrities.



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  7. The Making of Industry Transformers - A 33Voices interview with Kapil Gupta - 33voices

    The making of industry transformers.


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  8. 378 - Cal Fussman Asks Me About Experimenting with Minimalism & Lifestyle - James Altucher

    I used to have two places. An apartment in the city and a house closer to my kids about 60 miles upstate. Both leases were ending. (This was 2016. But it relates to today. Because I’m going to show you how your actions from yesterday don’t have to be your actions today. And there’s freedom …


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  9. Tim Ferriss and Ray Cronise Explain How To Manipulate Your Body’s Temperature To Burn More Fat.

    Ben Greenfield interviews Tim Ferriss, from 4-hour Body, and Ray Cronise, about how to manipulate temperature to lose weight, cold and fat loss.


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  10. The Raw Truth About Living In The Moment: A Solo Podcast - Siddha Performance

    On Living in the Cocoon Of The Moment … Kapil GuptaKapil Gupta is a personal advisor to CEO’s, Professional Athletes, Celebrities, and Performing Artists around the world. His books include: Atmamun: The Path To Achieving The Bliss Of The Himalayan Swamis. And The Freedom Of A Living God A Master’s Secret Whispers: For …


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