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  1. Off Panel: A Comics Interview Podcast: Off Panel #243: Blank Check with Dinesh Shamdasani

    The Co-CEO and Co-CCO of new comics publisher Bad Idea, Dinesh Shamdasani, joins Off Panel to give a download on their…atypical business model. Shamdasani discusses why Bad Idea was something they wanted to do, how wider distribution limits quality, what their goals are, the decision to not include variants, the dissonance between making great comics and making them less accessible, the reason for no trades or digital, who their target audience is, what they are looking for in their 20 starter shops (quick note: they are only going to be in 20 shops to start with), adding to retailer workloads, restricting accessibility, pitching creators on this new structure, what kind of deal they offer creators, and a whole lot more.


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