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  1. Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast: #58- Napornean Dynamite

    Alice (@RationalBlonde) is joined by Natalia Reagan(@natalia13reagan) and comedian Alex Falcone (@alex_falcone) to review Napornean Dynamite, talk monkey sex, Big Foot porn, polar bear abortions, and rate Natalia’s feet.  Alex’s podcast: Read it and Weep Support us on Patreon


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  2. Ep. 29 - Dynamite Headdy / Cute Platformers (feat. Alex Roberts)

    There’s Trouble Bruin! Alex Roberts (@MuscularPikachu) joins Jim and Kevin to welcome in the New Age of Cute by looking back at Dynamite Headdy, where we are the audience, the performer, the critic, the key grip, and the craft services.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/one-more-turn-podcast/ep-29-dynamite-headdy-cute-platformers
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  3. The Nerds Who Haunted Themselves - And Why Not? Movie Fights Special #2 - Napoleon Dynamite | Podbean

    In which Stuart Mulrain referees John Tucker & Tom Stewart for another round of Movie Fights…

    This episode, Stuart is joined by John Tucker and Tom Stewart to discuss 2004’s indie hit (and arguably most divisive film) Napoleon Dynamite…



    Tom - Twitter @uramyx - That Comic Smell - The Comic Art Festival Podcast

    John- Website - Twitter @johntuckerart


    The Nerds Who Haunted Themselves: TWITTER | FACEBOOK

    Napoleon Dynamite: IMDb 

    Title Music - Storytelling Man by Ruth’s Curtain


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  4. TnT Dynamite Thursdays - Mountain Water Teaser

    When Trance DiMaggio gets pulled over by the local fuzz, he doesn’t want the good times to stop! Of course, when you’re sucking back Mountain Waters all day long… you’re bound to tell the truth. Enjoy the teaser to the brand new comedy variety show TnT Dynamite Thursdays - Coming Soon!!!

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQmsfLnwayI
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  5. The Nerdist : Maria Bamford #3

    Maria Bamford returns to the podcast for a third time! She chats with Chris about getting married recently, how she and her husband make it work and struggles with mental illness. She also talks about her new show Lady Dynamite, how the show came to happen and how she got it to reflect her personality and voice so well!   


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  6. TnT Dynamite Thursdays - Mountain Waters

    When Trance DiMaggio gets pulled over, he doesn’t let the law get in his way of making his points to the world. Ride with Eddie Vedder as Trance sweet talks his way into additional troubles. And don’t forget the road Mountain Waters… you’re gonna need ‘em. TnT Dynamite Thursdays - comedy sketch #ForTheMassives

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMybXUGF3Oo
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  7. Boy Scouts Prepared To Celebrate A Century - John Heder Interview

    The Boy Scouts of America turns 100 years old this month. That’s a century of merit badges, campfires, bowlines, half-hitches, jamborees and camporees, first aid and community service. Guest host Audie Cornish talks to Marcos Nava, who heads up Hispanic Initiatives for the Boy Scouts, and actor Jon Heder, an Eagle Scout and star of the film Napoleon Dynamite.

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