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    We're all going to Hooters!

    iTunes is now 7.1 Full screen album cover viewer. iTunes has cool strings about the AppleTV.

    Patterns for PacMan still work on the iPod version.

    MacMAME. Defender, StarGate, Battlezone, Tempest, Red Baron. Asteroids. Space Invaders. Bud Tapper!


    Twiggy drives!

    Mac II FX ran at 40MHz.

    NuBus was a really intelligent bus. It lasted through 2 generations of PowerPC based Macs. NeXT also used NuBus.

    RunRev makes a Hypercard clone called Revolution. Which isn't all all close to what Hypercard could have been.

    Paazizzz buys us bandwidth. Use the TWiT code if you can figure out how to spell it. It helps us out.

    Steve has a third job as a spy. Makes up stuff, sends it out, finds the leaks and then they are Steve'd.

    AppleLink was a network we all used to use for email, updates, and developer tech documents and support.


    Markdown. TextStyle. Humane Text.

    Whining commences from 34:10 to 59:20

    Leopard screen shots.

    Scott's new flying car!

    Software Picks of the Week

    SiteSucker sucks entire web sites! It totally sucks. It really does. Perfectly. No, try it.

    Andy paid for Cover Scout. Which sucks artwork for all your MP3 and AAC music.

    Instant Shot does screen shots for Scott's Aunt Faye. Not one penny at all. At Zero Alex's it doesn't suck at all.

    Merlin uses RCdefault lets him point stuff to other stuff based on File, MIME, UTI…. Based on the web page it's not exactly clear why this will make stuff suck less.

    Leo is CSSing his Tumblog so he's playing with complimentary colors (nice shirt, really like the shoes, cool watch dude). It's a Dashboard… (yeah whatyaknow) called ColorJack. I tried it doesn't suck at all.

    Andy has a new book about iPods. Everyone needs to try harder.

    Get on Leo's Poppr friends list.

    Check out The Merlin Show.

    Also check out podcastingtricks.com and ilifezone.podango.com.

    GMT! Sign up now. Don't blink or you'll miss three days. 300 bucks cheap.

    Check out XM channel 152 for that TechGuy.

    How to leave a Voice message.

    Sorry about that Brent. We really like you as a fan…..

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  2. Sean Carroll’s Mindscape 58 - Seth MacFarlane on Using Science Fiction to Explore Humanity

    58 | Seth MacFarlane on Using Science Fiction to Explore Humanity August 5, 2019 | Film/TV, Humanity, Literature


    Fiction shines a light on the human condition by putting people into imaginary situations and envisioning what might happen. Science fiction expands this technique by considering situations in the future, with advanced technology, or with utterly different social contexts. Seth MacFarlane’s show The Orville is good old-fashioned space opera, but it’s also a laboratory for exploring the intricacies of human behavior. There are interpersonal conflicts, sexual politics, alien perspectives, and grappling with the implications of technology. I talk with Seth about all these issues, and maybe a little bit about whether it’s a good idea to block people on Twitter.

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  3. C86 Show - Indie Pop - The Sundays special with Patrick Hannan

    Patrick Hannan in conversation with David Eastaugh - talking about life in The Sundays, Arnold, the audience & much much more

    Wheeler had played gigs with Cruel Shoes, an early incarnation of the band Jim Jiminee. The duo soon augmented the band with bassist Paul Brindley and drummer Patrick Hannan.

    The Sundays secured a recording contract with Rough Trade Records. Their debut single was "Can't Be Sure". Their first album, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, was released in 1990, along with their next single "Here's Where the Story Ends". The album was a UK Top 5 hit.

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  4. Around the World in 80s Movies Podcast - Electric Dreams (1984) | Steve Barron

    A San Francisco-based architect named Miles Harding buys a new computer to help him stay organized and on schedule, as well as to assist in the design of a brick that will hold a building together through an earthquake. Realizing that it has the potential to streamline everything in his life, Miles uses it to control everything in his apartment, providing a security system, making his coffee, and turning on and off his lights. Miles wants to give it more power, tapping it into a major information source to download as much as it can take. Unfortunately, when the computer overheats, Miles pours champagne into the computer’s circuits, causing it to malfunction in a strange way. It begins to think on its own, without directive – a self-aware being that shows an interest in music, humanity, and what it is like to feel love.

    Miles’s new upstairs neighbor is a beautiful concert cellist named Madeline Robistat. One day while practicing a concert piece on the cello, Madeline hears music from downstairs accompanying her. Madeline assumes this musician must be Miles, making her want to get to know him better. Miles also develops a crush on Madeline, but he’s so romantically inexperienced, he turns to his sentient computer to help out. However, the computer learns about love and then also begins to fall for her. This kicks off a battle of wills, as the device meant to organize Miles’s life is set to destroy it for getting in the way of its desire to achieve love.

    Starring Lenny von Dohlen and Virginia Madsen. Directed by Steve Barron.

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