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  1. Viewtiful Joe - The Cane and Rinse videogame podcast # 275

    Join Josh, Michiel and guest panelist and all around action game specialist Saurian Dash as they discuss Clover Studio’s Viewtiful Joe


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  2. The Rad Years: December 7, 2017 - Blake J. Harris Joins us

    The book Console Wars "Sega, Nintendo and the battle that defined a generation" was a massive hit when it was released in 2014. Author Blake J. Harris joins us to discuss the story, talk some rad years and give us some insight into the Console Wars movie rights which are owned by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. He also talks about his new book he is writing and much more on this great episode of "The Rad Years"


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  3. All Gen Gamers - Episodes - Episode 2: Turbo Grafx 16 & PC Engine, Everything You Want To Know

    In this Episode of All Gen Gamers Pete, Gamester, and Johnny are joined by none other than Chris Bucci (AKA spida1a), creator of the popular "Turbo Views" show on YouTube. Chris is a Turbo Grafx expert with incredible knowledge for the system and it’s games, owning a complete library of every released US TG-16 title. We discuss the history behind the Tubro Grafx, the different system models available, and personal favorite games. Later in the show we are joined by our surprise second guest Luke Morse (AKA lukemorse1), who resides in Japan and gives us his insight on the PC Engine. Eventually everyone begins to reminisce about their love for TV shows out of the 80’s and 90’s, we discuss the games we have been playing, and answer some of the questions our listeners sent in. Thanks for tuning in, we appreciate all of your support for the show thus far!


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  4. iFanboy - Special Edition – The Tick

    By popular demand! The newly formed Amazon Brain Trust of Conor Kilpatrick, Ryan Haupt and Ron Richards (with a cameo from Josh Flanagan) gather to talk about the puzzling hero THE TICK, who appears in a new Amazon series.

    Running Time: 00:23:32

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  5. Writer Experience - Ep 23 - “How to Be a Comic Book Editor 101” with Joseph Illidge, Executive Editor for Valiant Comics

    Writer Experience - Ep 23 - "How to Be a Comic Book Editor 101" with Joseph Illidge, Executive Editor for Valiant Comics

    Original video: https://m.soundcloud.com/writerexperience/ep23
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  6. Linux Unplugged: Episode 271 - Juno Jubilation

    elementary OS’ latest and greatest released today, and we talk with Dan and Cassidy from the project about their biggest release yet.

    https://fireside.fm/s/RUkczH-V t0ZHMz-P

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  7. Comic Talk Today Ep 96: The Bait And Switch With Dinesh Shamdasani

    Welcome to a very special episode of Comic Talk Today! Joining Martin today is Hivemind movie producer Dinesh Shamdasani, whom you will all remember as the CEO and COO of Valiant Entertainment from 2012 until earlier this year, and the two spend a good deal of time catching up! Dinesh talks about his role in the Bloodshot movie, which is currently filming, his state of mind after his departure from the publisher, all the exciting things he’s currently working on including the TV adaptation of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s Gideo Falls, his love of X-Men, a fascinating discussion on why the direct market may be the strongest it’s been in years, and some surprises. Thanks for listening!

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  8. Sounds Like Comics Ep 22 - Superboy (TV Series 1988)

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a boy!

    That Film Stew’s Luke and Comiczone’s Jae breakdown the TV series that was Superboy. They’ll look at the history of the character in other media, whilst getting deep into the show - who are the characters, how are the special effects, and what are some of their favourite episodes?

    The first season focused on Superboy/Clark Kent (John Haymes Newton), his childhood friend and love interest Lana Lang (Stacy Haiduk) and his college roommate T.J. White (Jim Calvert), son of Daily Planet editor Perry White. As the series progressed, Gerard Christopher replaced Newton as the Superboy as the show took a drastic creative change.

    Based on the DC comic book character Superman’s early years as Superboy, the show ran from 1988–1992. You may know it as The Adventures of Superboy.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/thatfilmstew/sounds-like-comics-ep-22-superboy-tv-series-1988
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  9. Fortress of Baileytude Showcase Presents: The Death and Return of Superman 25 Years Later

    Fortress of Baileytude Showcase Presents: The Death and Return of Superman 25 Years Later

    Welcome to another episode of Fortress of Baileytude Showcase Presents, an irregular show here at the Fortress where I talk about something that either doesn’t fit with my other shows or is about something that I feel deserves its own dedicated special.

    This time out I am celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of Superman (Vol. 2) #82.  While there was a month and a half of wrap up stories Superman #82 was the final chapter of the Reign of the Supermen storyline and saw Superman return to his original costume after a month or so of running around in a black suit with a silver S.  It was also the end of a saga that had been going on since October of the previous year, so this felt like a thing to celebrate.  More than anything, The Death and Return of Superman is not only one of the most important stories in the history of the character but it is also an important time in my own collecting life.

    So, this time out I am not talking about the what happened in the pages of the comic (because I already did that with Jeffrey Taylor over on From Crisis to Crisis) but what was happening in the real world and I am not alone.  Joining me to discuss the real world history of The Death and Return of Superman is the co-founder of The Fire and Water Podcast Network, as well as being one of my best friends in the world, The Irredeemable Shag.  As some of you may know Shag managed a comic shop in the early nineties so he was there when both the Death and Return happened.  He was also a reader of the Superman books at the time, so through the course of the special we talk about the behind the scenes history of the story, where we were when we learned that the death was coming, what it was like the day the comic hit stores, our own experiences reading the saga and the legacy this story left on us and the comic book world.

    You will also learn how the theater kept distracting me throughout the time The Death and Return issues were being published.

    Shag and I talk about a lot of things during the course of the episode and I thought it would be worth a lark to post images of some of those things here so you can see what we’re talking about as you listen.

    Here are the covers of Advance Comics (which was the ordering guide for Capital City Distribution) and Previews (the same thing, only for Diamond) where Superman #75 was solicited.

    Here are a handful of the newspaper articles that were published to announce the Death of Superman.  They all pretty much keyed off of the Newsday article but used different graphics.

    Superman 75 Bagged Front

    Superman 75 Bagged Back

    Superman 75 Inside Bag Front

    Superman 75 Inside Bag Back

    Superman 75 Poster

    Superman 75 Armband

    Superman 75 Stamps

    Superman 75 Card Front

    Superman 75 Card Back

    Superman 75 Obit

    Superman 75 Platinum Edition

    The bagged edition of Superman #75 contained some fun odds and ends.  Shag and I talk about these but I wanted you to actually see them.  Also included is the front of the Platinum Edition.

    Superman #75 went through four printing of what was commonly called the newsstand edition.  Outside of the Roman numerals denoting which printing it was (which was a common practice for DC at the time) the logos have different colors.

    Here are the various magazines and comic shop giveaways used to promote The Reign of the Supermen.  Also included is the cover to the edition of Previews that solicited Adventures of Superman #500.  Speaking of Adventures of Superman #500.

    Like Superman #75 before it Adventures of Superman #500 was bagged.  It did not have the amount of goodies that issue 75 had.  In fact all it had was the trading card, but there was a Platinum Edition so…there’s that.

    Speaking of Adventures of Superman #500…again.

    Here are the eight pages that were not in the newsstand edition of Adventures of Superman #500.

    Since Shag mentioned Bloodlines I thought I would put these into the notes too.  There was a Bloodlines trading card set to coincide with the event (because it was the nineties) and one of the hooks of the marketing was that it included the four Supermen and as a mail-away premium you could get the “One, True Superman” card.  I did not collect this set in the ’90s.  I bought an entire box for $10 and a can of soup back in 2002 and then tracked down the “One True” card on eBay for a reasonable price.

    If you want to see more bits and bobs associated with The Death and Return of Superman click on this link and see all of the things posted above and more.

    A huge thanks to Shag for appearing on this special.  As I said at the beginning of the show I wanted another viewpoint and he did that and I couldn’t be happier with how the special turned out.


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  10. Comic Book Savant Episode 131: Comics Talk: Digital Comic Reader Applications — Comic Book Savant

    This week I revisit digital comics as I discuss and review some of the most popular digital comics reader applications. Enjoy!


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