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  1. Think Vitamin Radio: Episode #1

    Think Vitamin Radio, or TVR as we like to call it, will be hosted by me, Keir Whitaker, and I will be joined around the mics by Ryan Carson and Mike Kus. Assorted guests and friends will be popping in from time to time. We will cover three main themes, web design, web development and web entrepreneurship.

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  2. Oooh, That’s Clever! (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design)

    Find inspiration in the ridiculous. See technological quirks as opportunities. Try something previously unheard of with your site design. Laugh in the face of convention. Use and abuse CSS in ways never before imagined. Get away with it. And if it doesn’t work, try something else instead.

    Paul Annett, Clearleft Ltd

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  3. Mark Coleran on Fantasy User Interfaces

    I just interviewed Mark Coleran. Mark is a visual and interface designer. Part of his work has been in designing “fantasy user interfaces”: the computer interfaces that you see in movies. He’s designed interfaces for films that include Mission Impossible 3, The Island, The Bourne Identity, and Children of Men. There’s been a bit of a stir about Mark’s work lately, though Mark is keen to point out that he’s hardly the only person doing this work. I wanted to find out how you design computer visuals that are more dramatic than, well, actually using a computer.

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  4. Sound Opinions with Black Francis of the Pixies

    Jim and Greg celebrate a landmark record of the indie-era with one of its creators: Black Francis aka Frank Black aka Charles Thompson. The Pixies singer and songwriter visits the show for a Classic Album Dissection of the band’s 1989 record, Doolittle.

    At the end of the show Jim and Greg review The Courage of Others, the third album from Denton, Texas rockers Midlake.

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  5. Jeremy Keith on Ajax design considerations

    Jeremy Keith from Clearleft discusses his session at 2008’s UI13 conference called Ajax Design Considerations that Tim attended. What do UX professionals need to know about Ajax to best make use of it in websites and web applications? And why is Jeremy’s title at Clearleft currently "Lineman for the County"?

    From http://www.designcritique.net/index.php?post_id=531611

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