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  1. 112: Ryder Carroll, Inventor of the Bullet Journal System Explains How To Get Things Done! from GTD® Virtual Study Group on podbay

    GTD Virtual Study Group

    We had on the virtual studio, Ryder Carroll, the creator of a new way of taking notes and getting things done, The Bullet Journal. This Bullet Journal system is not only highly innovative, shows incredible entrepeneurialship on Ryder’s part, and reinforces a huge point for me, which is that if you are smart, hard working, believe in something passionately, and can develop a sound strategic business plan, you can make anything happen online. His website is gorgeous, his video is simply awesome and Ryder’s Bullet Journal has sparked tons of comments online, generated lots of fan-based blog posts, and overall, has absolutely gone viral!

    In this episode, I ask Ryder what prompted him to create this system. His story is truly personal and it reinforced a very important point for me - that productivity is so very personal. Yet, anyone can leverage his system as a framework and develop their own system with his as a foundation. In many ways, it is like what so many people have done with Getting Things Done methodology. We also talked about whether he is all analog all the time. You may be surprised by his answer!

    Lastly, I took many of your questions that you pre-submitted online to me.

    What a great episode!


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