Webinar: How to design and prototype for mobile devices with Josh Clark

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  1. Jason Cranford Teague – Prototyping a Responsive Design

    With the emergence of techniques like responsive web design, many of the traditional prototyping methods become difficult to employ. Sketches and wireframes have in some cases given way to HTML and CSS prototyping so that users and clients can experience a richer, more complete interaction.

    In his virtual seminar, Prototyping a Responsive Design, Jason Cranford Teague dove into some of his real-world experiences with prototyping. He shared insights and challenges he’s encountered through his agency and client work. His seminar prompted some great questions from our audience. Jason joins Adam Churchill to tackle some of those questions in this podcast.


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  2. Nathan Curtis – Prototyping with HTML and CSS » UIE Brain Sparks

    Prototyping is an effective way to communicate design ideas. Static PDFs, PSDs, and wireframes can help get your point across but aren’t dynamic. Usually, any necessary changes are logged away as to-dos. They’re then taken back, fixed, and presented again.

    Nathan Curtis and the team at EightShapes are prototyping with HTML and CSS more in their design process. They find that employing these techniques leads to greater efficiency. Changes are updated as they’re being discussed, the team arrives at a consensus, and moves on.

    With many teams transitioning to an Agile development process, prototyping in HTML fits in perfectly. Being able to have discussions and make those design decisions in real time strengthens team cohesion.

    During this podcast, Nathan and Jared Spool discuss prototyping techniques in greater depth. Nathan is also presenting one of the daylong workshops at the User Interface 17 conference in Boston, November 5-7. For more information about Nathan’s and the other workshops, visit UIConf.com.


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  3. Grant Robinson – Visualising the user experience | Web Directions

    Designing for dynamic web applications and mobile devices poses a new set of challenges. Web designers are increasingly being asked to apply their skills to where the page model no longer applies. We need new ways of exploring the user experience and communicating behaviours involving sub-page changes and movement.

    Enter rapid prototyping. Widely acclaimed as one of the best ways to create great user experiences, it isn’t without its own pitfalls. This session will discuss the pros and cons of different prototyping techniques, and introduce a new technique called “screenflows” that focuses on visualising the user experience. Discover how to combine the best of paper prototyping, wireframes and HTML prototyping into one simple and effective prototyping technique. Learn how using this method can dramatically decrease the need for documentation, while increasing the speed and agility of the development process.


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  4.  Mobile Web in Higher Ed | Fresh Squeezed Mobile brought you by Breaking Development

    This week Dave Olsen and Erik Runyon join us to discuss how their respective universities (West Virginia and Notre Dame) are approaching the mobile web through a combination of server-side detection and responsive design. We talk about how they built their new sites, whether user-agent detection is evil and how responsive design gets implemented at a large university.


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  5. LukeW | Mobile First

    LukeW Ideation Design provides resources for mobile and Web product design and strategy including presentations, workshops, articles, books and more on usability, interaction design and visual design.


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  6. The UX Intern

    Luke WroblewskiEpisode 11/12, aired 8/4/14

    Luke Wroblewski is the champion of the mobile first design movement. He is an excellent speaker and writer, and the author of Mobile First Design. In this episode, he talks about the use of design patterns and covers the controversial Hamburger Menu. Of course we talk about all things mobile, from his reaction to the first iPhone to his thoughts on the future of mobile design.

    Show Notes


    Mobile First book


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