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  1. iOS 12: Five Secret Features Apple NEVER announced!

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    Apple announced 14 new tentpole features for iOS 12 and highlighted a bunch more during the WWDC 2018 keynote. But… there were several new features Apple DIDN’T announce as well. These are my top 5 "secret" iOS 12 features!

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  2. 10 Year Futures (vs. What’s Happening Now)

    The personal computer S-curve gave us 1.5 billion PCs and 3 billion people online, and now the smartphone S-curve is giving a computer to everyone on earth.

    So today, we have two innovation conversations: First, what can we build on the billion-scale platforms we have, what new models can we create, and do the internet giants leave any room? And second, what are the NEXT S-curves — the next transformative technology waves?

    Andreessen Horowitz’ Benedict Evans reflects on all this and more, in this keynote delivered at the most recent annual a16z Summit (November 2017 in Las Vegas).

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