The Enigma of Self-Hate

This video explores the phenomenon of self-hate, first from the perspective of its depressive, debilitating forms, and then its angry, motivational forms, and finally in terms of how it contrasts with self-love. Here is a table of contents for the material in this video:

0:47 – Dispelling the miasma of shame around hatred 2:06 – How love and hate are interwoven 3:29 – Three capacities necessary for self-hate 5:53 – A distinction from Martin Heidegger: Inauthenticity and authenticity 7:33 – Depressive Self-hate… and inauthenticity 8:47 – Motivational Self-hate… and authenticity 10:48 – The circularity of Depressive Self-hate 11:52 – “Bottoming out” of Depressive Self-hate 13:29 – Moving from Depressive to Motivational Self-hate: Becoming a predator 14:48 – Moving from Motivational Self-hate… to Self-love 15:46 – The realm of Self-love: How to die smiling

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