Shulamit Ran: Ear Taxi presents NewMusicBox LIVE! in Chicago

There’s something special about the stories told by musicians. Whether they’re reminiscing about family history, sharing the memory of meeting a favorite collaborator, or revealing the impetus behind an important piece, artists can offer unique and compelling insights into their lives and the work they create—and often the broader world at large. New Music USA was proud to present NewMusicBox LIVE, a special program that highlights three very different artists and the work of its online publication NewMusicBox, during the Ear Taxi festival in Chicago (October 8, 2016). Shulamit Ran, Nicole Mitchell, and Andy Costello each took the stage and, using both their words and their music, pulled back the curtain just a little bit further on the motivations and inspirations that fuel their creative lives. Catch all three segments on the NewMusicBox vimeo channel.

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