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  1. NAMM 2018: A Dorico conversation with Daniel Spreadbury and John Barron, with audio - Scoring Notes

    Note: This past week, we’ve published posts from the 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. It’s a huge exhibition, so we’ll focus on what we try to do best: cover the field of music notation software and related technology.

    In this post, I visit with Steinberg’s product marketing manager Daniel Spreadbury and product specialist John Barron to chat about the past year of Dorico — its first full calendar year on the market — to take stock of what’s been accomplished and what’s on the horizon.

    Perhaps no music notation product in the last couple of years was anticipated more feverishly than Dorico, the scoring software from Steinberg that saw its first public release not much more than a year ago, in October 2016. Four years of anticipation and speculation from the user end, and planning and coding from the development end, resulted in the first new major commercial desktop scoring program in two decades.

    Steinberg’s John Barron and Daniel Spreadbury with DoricoSince the time that version 1.0 appeared, there have been two major “point” releases — 1.1 and 1.2 — not to mention a slew of other interim releases that have each rapidly brought new features and improvements to the software at a pace we had not been accustomed to seeing in the other programs. Of course, when you’re starting from scratch, that’s to be more or less expected, but the sophistication of Dorico’s approach and the industriousness of its team has resulted in a product that could well set the bar for the future of scoring software if the early results are any indication.

    Despite its technical achievements so far, there is still much work ahead for Dorico both in terms of feature development and capturing a share of the market. Even so, the dust having settled a little bit, and with the last of the version 1 updates just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to chat at NAMM with Daniel Spreadbury and John Barron about how far they’ve come, and where they have yet to go.

    Our 45-minute conversation on Friday included the reception at NAMM, the future of playback in Dorico, behind-the-scenes on creating the percussion feature, changes in the field, interacting with users, and much more. Apologies for the background noise — NAMM is not a quiet place! — but it’s well worth a listen.

    Earlier in the day, and each day at the NAMM Show, Daniel demonstrated Dorico to the show’s attendees, as part of the Yamaha exhibition in the Marriott hotel adjacent to the convention center.

    Photo: Jeff KellemHere’s the video from the first part of a presentation that he gave on Friday, January 26, showing the new cueing features introduced in the 1.2 release:


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  2. Make time: Why we spend our most productive time on the wrong things (Google Cloud Next ‘17)

    Time management is hard, and most of us struggle. We procrastinate; we overcommit; we underestimate how long things take; we spend too much time in meetings, and crucially we don’t spend enough time on our health, relationships, or ‘real work’. It sounds bleak, but somehow, some people seem to manage much better than others! In this video, Ian Leader and Jacob Bank talk about the behavioral psychology that underlies these mistakes and share some techniques to harness Gmail and Google Calendar to make the most of your time.

    Missed the conference? Watch all the talks here: https://goo.gl/c1Vs3h Watch more talks about Collaboration & Productivity here: https://goo.gl/q3WbLc

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMr-WzCIXYI
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  3. Dr. Jonathan Nichol

    WARNING! You may need to sit down for this one as the enthusiasm in this conversation may seriously launch you.  Dr. Jonathan Nichol and Mark McArthur sit down for a spirited conversation covering so many inspiring ways to think about saxophone study and performance.  He announces the summer camp he will be doing with the H2 quartet at University of Oklahoma and the brilliant faculty who will be teaching.  Take the time to enjoy this episode and get to know Dr. Jonathan Nichol. 


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  4. Marco Arment, Developer/Writer - XOXO Festival (2013)

    When we asked New York writer and programmer Marco Arment to speak at XOXO, he was still developing Instapaper and The Magazine, and Tumblr was an independent startup. Since then, he sold The Magazine to Glenn Fleishman, Instapaper to Betaworks, and Tumblr sold to Yahoo in a billion-dollar deal. One of the best parts of independence is choosing what you work on, and Marco's clearing his plate for something brand new: Overcast, a new podcast app announced for the first time at XOXO.

    Recorded in September 2013 at XOXO, an arts and technology festival in Portland, Oregon celebrating independent artists using the Internet to make a living doing what they love. For more, visit http://xoxofest.com.

    Intro Music: Broke for Free, "Breakfast with Tiffany" http://bit.ly/xo2013broke

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2RoYvcqhgM
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  5. Shulamit Ran: Ear Taxi presents NewMusicBox LIVE! in Chicago

    There’s something special about the stories told by musicians. Whether they’re reminiscing about family history, sharing the memory of meeting a favorite collaborator, or revealing the impetus behind an important piece, artists can offer unique and compelling insights into their lives and the work they create—and often the broader world at large. New Music USA was proud to present NewMusicBox LIVE, a special program that highlights three very different artists and the work of its online publication NewMusicBox, during the Ear Taxi festival in Chicago (October 8, 2016). Shulamit Ran, Nicole Mitchell, and Andy Costello each took the stage and, using both their words and their music, pulled back the curtain just a little bit further on the motivations and inspirations that fuel their creative lives. Catch all three segments on the NewMusicBox vimeo channel.

    Original video: https://vimeo.com/193576495
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  6. Nadia Sirota On Making Music Accessible (Even When It’s Weird) : Deceptive Cadence : NPR

    The violist wants more people to know and love contemporary classical music. She speaks with Rachel Martin about her Peabody Award-winning podcast and latest collaboration with composer Nico Muhly.


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