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    This was your best, most appropriate music choice ever. You could have just done handle with care and it still would have worked, but you picked a deep cut that was appropriate to the film.

    The more I think about Avengers the more I love it, not just on an ‘it was cool’ level, but I think it was a really meaningful movie. Beat ‘Donnie Darko’ as my favorite superhero movie. I think it was Ron who said the coolest moments in the past marvel movies were the ‘character moments’ in-between the big action. The coolest moments in this movie were all in the end battle, and that was because the big action moments WERE character moments. Hulk had the best examples.

    The transformers comparisons anger me deeply, because, aside from being horribly shot and edited, they were, from a narrative standpoint, just ROBOTFIGHTBANGBOOMBANG. Good action scenes are not made from a-lot-of-expensive-shit-flies-faster-than-you-can-process-while-big-things-blow-up, they’re from memorable moments: jaws oxygen tank, indiana jones just shoots the sword guy, indiana jones sticks a pole into the nazi’s motorcycle, luke hops off the plank and catches his lightsaber. The applause moments. The final battle in avengers had those in double-digits.

    The whole every-character-had-their-moment thing was made all the more poignant for me by this Whedon quote: “That moment, where you stand up and say, ‘I have the right to exist.’ I’ve written a lot of times, and I never get tired of writing it. And if I could just believe it about myself, I think I could stop writing it.” I think it’s safe to say that many of us fanboys/girls can be pretty insecure. But the kickass character action moments remind me there are many many moments when we stand up and show the world why we, as individuals, are forces for good in the world, be it helping someone with a baby-carriage up subway steps or contributing a good idea at work or holding your kid while they’re crying or whatever. More often than not, I feel like Clark. But sometimes I take off my glasses. And this movie helped me see that those times happen more often than I recognize.

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