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    How do they top the AVENGERSS hellicarrier crash? 3 hellicarrier crashes! What a masterpiece. The continuity got a little knotty for my sister, but she hadn’t seen AVENGERS, and I bet that one would trip her up, too. Wow! It was good to see Agent Hill, again. Do you think we might get a Black Widow film before Cap 3? Her character is so key. So much respect about where she came from, so much intrigue. Have you iFanboy’s bought any Cap 2 souvenirs? I ordered a Funco bobblehead as a memento. This movie was special. It was funny like Joss Wedon. P.S. I’m watching AVENGERS right now, I think they’re going to visit and kick ass on that meteor where Loki schemes with the Chitari general, because it looks just like that amazing Jim Staling Infinite Gauntlet Issue #4. I use to think that Infinity Gems would just be a gross super hero snuff film, but not I think it can be an invigorating movie. iFanboy 4-ever

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