I liked the movie, but the beginning of the movie (pre-credits) felt like it was shot by a different director/cinematographer.

So odd and somewhat clunky.

Then the movie really takes off.

There were a lot of issues in this movie though.

Most of them writing related however, because the actors as usual did a fantastic job of attempting to sell what they were given to work with.

Also, another thing… Age of Ultron?

Hm, I wonder about that title. It seemed more like a couple days/weeks of Ultron rather than an actual ‘age’ kicking off.

I realize it’s (loosely) a reference to an actual comic series, but in the comics there was time-traveling involved if I recall, and there was actually an age of ultron that took place similar to the age of apocalypse where all the world’s heroes have to fight back against an Ultron that’s overtaken the world.

I hope Civil War at least does a better job of selling the fact that the heroes are fighting each other (as the title implies)… and/or answering at least for all the damage they’ve done throughout this movie.

But yeah… looking forward to the Director’s Cut of Age of Ultron, because I want to see this movie as it was meant to be released at 3 hours running.

It’s a really good movie, but I feel it would have been possible to reach excellent or epic proportions if there were more time to flesh out plot-lines in the movie.

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