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  1. #30 The Marshes | Heavyweight

    After a drunken slip of the tongue, Steve Marsh and his siblings discover a secret their mother has been keeping for almost 40 years. Now, Steve wants to help his mom take action.


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  2. How will coronavirus end? — Today, Explained — Overcast


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  3. Music of BSG Part Two: THEMES!

    Here’s Part Two in my series on the Music of Battlestar Galactica! This one is focused on the idea of leitmotif - musical themes that represent people, places, ideas, and moods. I take a short trip through music history to uncover the context for this concept, and then discuss several of the significant musical themes used in Battlestar and their associations.

    If you want to skip the music history lesson and go straight to the BSG stuff, head to the 29:00 mark.

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  4. Music of Battlestar Galactica: Part One

    Here’s the first in a multi-part series covering the music of Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi Channel, 2004).

    This introductory episode covers some key concepts in film music and space opera and lays groundwork for a more comprehensive consideration of the individual musical aspects of the Battlestar universe, which will commence in Part Two.

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  5. Noise will be noise

    After hearing a mysterious whine in suburban Arizona, Karthic Thallikar started on a journey that would ultimately lead to the center of the internet. (Transcript here.)


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  6. Extra: This Woman’s Work: ‘Hounds of Love’ by Kate Bush


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  7. ‘48 Hrs.’ With Bill Simmons and Chris Ryan - The Ringer

    Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the 1982 buddy-cop classic


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  8. ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ | Bill Simmons, Wesley Morris, Fennessey, and Ryan - The Ringer

    Bill, Sean, and Chris are joined by Wesley Morris to rewatch the 1984 comedy starring Eddie Murphy


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  9. Rockonomics Podcast

    Rockonomics talks to musicians, producers, journalists and the many other people in and around the music and entertainment business about their personal journeys pursuing their artistic endeavors.

    It’s a fun and engaging glimpse behind the scenes of those who make music their career.


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  10. The Making Of The American Presidency (Part 1) Whistlestop: Presidential History And Trivia podcast

    Listen to The Making Of The American Presidency (Part 1) and 92 other episodes by Whistlestop: Presidential History And Trivia. No signup or install required.


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