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  1. Is the Internet Making us Smarter?

    As people have become more and more dependent on the Internet, some have concerns that all that information (and the devices that help us connect to it) could be doing seriously damage to the way we think, interact and learn. But Nick Bilton, lead writer for the New York Times Bits Blog, explains in his new book that he's lived his whole life connected and managed to turn out just fine. He says scientific research backs up his experience.

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  2. Edupunk: Open Source Education

    DIY teachers around the world are using open source course management systems, open access textbooks, and other open source tools to buck the chains and limitations of corporate education software. This panel of edupunks will rock the show by discussing the movement, its challenges, and its future.

    Dave Lester, Center for History & New Media

    Jim Groom, University of Mary Washington

    Gardner Campbell, Baylor University

    Stephen Downes, National Research Council Canada

    Barbara Ganley, Digital Explorations

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  3. George Siemens ~ Stephen’s Web

    As George Siemens writes, we are offering Connectivism and Connective Knowledge for the third time starting Monday. As he notes, " We are doing away with the central-space of Moodle – our final break from the LMS and will be using only the commenting feature within gRSShopper. While it might not seem like a huge change on the surface, it is probably our most significant experiment to date… In CCK11, we are still providing a centering-like structure (gRSShopper), but the format will push more of the conversation to blogs and other environments. Rather than being the course centre, gRSShopper will be more of a conduit – pushing discussion into spaces owned and controlled by learners."

    Stephen's Web, the home page of Stephen Downes, with news and information on e-learning, new media, instructional technology, educational design, and related subjects

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  4. Blackboards or Backchannels: The Techno-Induced Classroom of Tomorrow

    The traditional classroom: obsolete? Chalkboards, lectures, and even teachers may be on their way out as social technology enters the classroom. How do kids want technology integrated into the curriculum? Or do they even want it? Five students speak out to debate the potential for Wikis, backchannels, and social tech, and dispute tomorrow's r/evolution in teaching and learning.

    Alex Leavitt Boston University

    Kelly Sutton Founder, HackCollege

    Kabren Levinson Philosopher, Technologist, Artist, Bard College

    Archana Ramachandran Campus Ambassador, Radar/Tiny Pictures/UT Austin

    Diana Kimball The Digital Natives Project, Harvard College

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  5. the lives of teachers » interview with Scott Thornbury

    Window-dressing vs. Cross-dressing in the EFL Sub-culture. (The article I referred to in the interview… revived by the magic of twitter)

    The New School- Online MA programme which Scott Thornbury (amongst others) is teaching on.

    Scott’s own website, where you can see his edited plenary slides and plenty more.

    There has been a lot of discussion of dogme around the blogosphere recently, triggered by the tenth anniversary of the movement. Not all of it kind….

    Romantic Comedy with a Sinister Twist. A Marxist Critique of Dogme ELT. « Marxist TEFL Group

    Critical DOGME or DOGME with Sympathy for the Critical? | Critical Mass ELT: Reflections on the World of English Language Teaching

    D is for Dogme « An A-Z of ELT

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  6. the lives of teachers » Interview with Barbara Sakamoto

    If you have ever taught children, you may well have come across the ‘Let’s Go!‘ series, now on the third edition and a multimedia behemoth! I met with Barbara, one of the authors, at the ETJ Chubu Expo in October 2009 and she was kind enough to give this interview. She is delightful company and I wish I’d left the camera running because we talked for as long again after I turned it off. She has a lot to say about teaching children and professional development in particular, but we also touched on a few other topics. If you haven’t already, you should check out Barbara’s blog and have a look for her on twitter (@barbsaka ). Being in this part of the world opportunities to meet members of the online ELT community are limited, so it is always especially enjoyable to catch up with someone as lovely as Barbara… even if it is only a few times a year ; D

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