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  1. PHP 5.3 in practice

    by Fabien Potencier

    Slides available at http://www.phpconference.co.uk/2010/talks

    From Zend Framework to Symfony, all the major frameworks are moving to PHP 5.3 for their next major version. To be ready for this big move, all PHP developers need to learn more about the new PHP 5.3 features and how to use them in practice. This session will not be yet another big list of all the great features of PHP 5.3. Instead, I will show you how to solve real problems more simply and more elegantly with PHP 5.3.

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  2. iPhone Programmer’s Road Map: A Guided Tour of the Official SDK

    The iPhone SDK Developer’s Guide starts by introducing the tools (Xcode, SDK, emulator, IB) and basic application concepts you need to assemble and run your first GUI application. It includes a very quick introduction/review of the Object C programming language, but assumes basic knowledge of C and OO programming.Key idioms and design patterns in an iPhone application will be presented along with coverage of the UIController, MVC, event handler etc. Later chapters cover the standard high level widgets in the iPhone SDK, the events they generate, as well as their standard event listeners. Low level drawing API and touch events will also be covered in addition to iPhone-specific APIs to access mobile. Concise coverage of key data network protocols and data communication libraries and a complete chapter on how to use the Interface Builder to build applications complete this hands-on guide to tapping into the power of the SDK.

    Michael Yuan, eZee Inc

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