Tracking the Lincolnshire Poacher

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  1. Europe’s cold blast, Arctic’s heat wave are ‘two sides of the same coin’ | Public Radio International

    While it’s been unusually cold and snowy in much of Europe, the Arctic has been seeing record warm temperatures and a huge loss of ice. Here’s how the two are linked, and what they might have to do with climate change.

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  2. Shots - First Person - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    During the ten years that Cold Chisel were together, the band toured Australia many times. Don shares images and experiences from those long journeys.
    Please note that this episode contains strong language.

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  3. SadBoyProlific - dead & cold (Lyric Video)

    sadboyprolific / prod. mental another gold from SadBoyProlific❤️ click me🔔🔔🔔


    [lyrics] dead i wish i was dead & cold (sigh) i wish i was dead (it’s prolific, just listen) i wish i was dead & cold (yuh) i wish i was…

    wake up everyday and it just feels repetitive (i wish i was dead & cold) i think i need to chill i think i need a sedative (i wish i was dead) i think depression’s hitting me i think it’s finally setting in (i wish i was dead & cold) drifting to my feet and settling just like sediment (i wish i was dead) constantly walking down this road called life, blindly (i wish i was dead & cold) foolishly hoping for purpose to come and find me (i wish i was dead) in the depths of depression is where i’ve been residing (i wish i was dead & cold) that or in my room under the covers just hiding (i wish i was…)

    dead i wish i was dead & cold i wish i was…

    put me in the grave today black suit and a bouquet (i wish i was dead & cold) too scared to leave but too tired to stay (i wish i was dead) bullet in the chamber will stop all of the pain (i wish i was dead & cold) blood on the wall drips just like red rain (i wish i was dead) feel my soul seep out with each life from the blade (i wish i wa…

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