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  1. Make Do #35: Merlin Mann and Vulnerability - Relay FM

    We get a visit from Merlin Mann, and talk about - well, a lot of stuff. What to call yourself, tall poppy syndrome, and micro-creativity.


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  2. Mac Power Users #415: John Siracusa Workflows and the Future of the Mac - Relay FM

    John Siracusa returns to the Mac Power Users to talk about his favorite workflows and apps. We also spend some time getting John’s opinion about where the Mac is and where it is heading.


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  3. R.E.M. | Out Of Athens

    By the early nineties R.E.M. found themselves one of the biggest bands on the planet. What they had achieved was beyond their wildest dreams but it had taken them over a decade to get there. This RTÉ Radio One music documentary recorded in Athens, Georgia and North Carolina in the US by Ken Sweeney takes the listener on that journey with R.E.M. out of Athens (Georgia). Without slick videos for the new MTV, or support from mainstream radio, R.E.M. built their following playing an alternative circuit of gigs across America as evangelists for this new music. R.E.M. blazed a trail for every independent band to follow from Nirvana to Pearl Jam.

    Original video: https://m.soundcloud.com/rte-radio-1/rem-out-of-athens
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  4. Fancy Monkeys - That Scruffy Post Show with guests Merlin Mann and Stu Maschwitz

    On this special That Scruffy Post Show Kanen sits down with Stu Maschwitz and Merlin Mann on their second visit to the show! They discuss delegation, dealing with email and to do lists, assistants, and working hard to make being lazy possible. Does it get better than that?


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  5. Tech Distortion

    John Siracusa joins me to discuss RSI in depth, drawing on both of our experiences we look at what works, what doesn’t and why you should care. Keyboards, trackpads, trackballs, mice, chairs, we cover it all.

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  6. Unprofessional #29: Porn and a Haircut

    Posted Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013

    The hypercritical John Siracusa joins Dave and Lex to talk manscaping and Lady Gaga.

    Show Link

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  7. 5by5 | Systematic #100: Episode 100 with Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann on Apple, WWDC, sleep habits and home entertainment.


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  8. Tarbell Industries — Steve Klabnik

    July 28 2014The Economic Context of the Gaza Conflict

    Alexis talks to independent journalist Rania Khalek about the ongoing assault on Gaza, the context missing from the mainstream media, and the economic effects of the Israeli occupation. Then, she talks to Steve Klabnik, a prolific open source programmer, and staunch anti-capitalist. We discuss the problem with Google, what “disruption” by the tech community really looks like, and how capitalists capture the productivity boosts that technology creates.Listen to the standalone interview with Rania KhalekListen to the standalone interview with Steve Klabnik

    Or, listen to the entire episode below!

    Rania Khalek:@RaniaKhalekhttp://raniakhalek.com/

    Steve Klabnik:@SteveKlabnik


    "Kollon 3endon Dababaat" by Shadia Mansour

    "Dem a Sin Melodica Cut (ft I-lodica)" by Don Goliath

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  9. Inside LCD Soundsystem With Frontman James Murphy : NPR

    When LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy attended live concerts, he says he always felt like there was something missing.


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  10. James Murphy - Red Bull Music Academy Lecture (2012)

    This hour and six minute lecture touches on Murphy’s early influences, not being able to tie his shoes until later in life, spoiled halloweens, his love of The Smiths, the internet ‘cool world’ and so much more!

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