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  1. Fancy Monkeys - That Scruffy Post Show with guests Merlin Mann and Stu Maschwitz

    On this special That Scruffy Post Show Kanen sits down with Stu Maschwitz and Merlin Mann on their second visit to the show! They discuss delegation, dealing with email and to do lists, assistants, and working hard to make being lazy possible. Does it get better than that?

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  2. Tech Distortion

    John Siracusa joins me to discuss RSI in depth, drawing on both of our experiences we look at what works, what doesn’t and why you should care. Keyboards, trackpads, trackballs, mice, chairs, we cover it all.

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  3. Unprofessional #29: Porn and a Haircut

    Posted Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013

    The hypercritical John Siracusa joins Dave and Lex to talk manscaping and Lady Gaga.

    Show Link

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  4. 5by5 | Systematic #100: Episode 100 with Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann on Apple, WWDC, sleep habits and home entertainment.

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  5. Tarbell Industries — Steve Klabnik

    July 28 2014The Economic Context of the Gaza Conflict

    Alexis talks to independent journalist Rania Khalek about the ongoing assault on Gaza, the context missing from the mainstream media, and the economic effects of the Israeli occupation. Then, she talks to Steve Klabnik, a prolific open source programmer, and staunch anti-capitalist. We discuss the problem with Google, what “disruption” by the tech community really looks like, and how capitalists capture the productivity boosts that technology creates.Listen to the standalone interview with Rania KhalekListen to the standalone interview with Steve Klabnik

    Or, listen to the entire episode below!

    Rania Khalek:@RaniaKhalek

    Steve Klabnik:@SteveKlabnik


    "Kollon 3endon Dababaat" by Shadia Mansour

    "Dem a Sin Melodica Cut (ft I-lodica)" by Don Goliath

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  6. Inside LCD Soundsystem With Frontman James Murphy : NPR

    When LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy attended live concerts, he says he always felt like there was something missing.

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  7. James Murphy - Red Bull Music Academy Lecture (2012)

    This hour and six minute lecture touches on Murphy’s early influences, not being able to tie his shoes until later in life, spoiled halloweens, his love of The Smiths, the internet ‘cool world’ and so much more!

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  8. Episode 8: Phil Hagelberg; empowering userspace in Heroku, Leiningen, and Emacs | Mostly λazy…a Clojure podcast

    Phil Hagelberg (a.k.a. technomancy just about everywhere) has been a constant presence in the Clojure world for years.  Best known for starting the Leiningen project — which he continues to maintain as part of his duties at Heroku — Phil has had his fingers in all sorts of open source pots, including Clojure itself, a…

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  9. Emacs Chat: Phil Hagelberg - sacha chua :: living an awesome life

    Phil Hagelberg talks about custom keyboards, pair-programming with , Clojure REPLs, starter kits and better defaults, packages, helping his kids learn to think systematically, and warming up his shed-turned-office through XMPP (from Emacs, no doubt).

    Quick links: , , , , , (heater), (keyboards)

    Guest: Phil Hagelberg

    For the event page, you may click here.

    Want just the audio? Get it from MP3

    Check out Emacs Chat for more interviews like this. Got a story to tell about how you learned about or how you use Emacs? Get in touch!

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    More posts about: emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast Tags: emacs-chat


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  10. Functional Geekery

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    In this episode I talk with Robert C. Martin, better known as Uncle Bob.

    We run the gamut from Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, introducing children to programming, TDD and the REPL, compatibility of Functional Programming and Object Oriented Programming

    Our Guest, Robert C. Martin Light


    ClojureStructure and Interpretation of Computer ProgramsIgnite Your CodingSICP VideosDomain Driven Design

    Stuart Holloway

    Functional Programming as intro to programming?

    Myth of not being able to build real apps with functional languages

    TDD vs REPL (Read Eval Print Loop)Transformation Priority Premise

    Test Driving Functional ProgramsMidje by Brian Marick

    PrologSOLID Principals Relation to Functional Programming

    Clean Code and Readability

    Ward Cunningham

    Katas/Project Euler/KoansClojure Koans

    Functional Programming and Object Oriented Compatibility

    Michael Feathers

    Introducing Functional Programming to Work Environment

    Lack of History In A Young Light

    A giant Thank You to David Belcher for the logo design.

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